EQ Projects

I am a big fan of Electric Quilt, and nearly every quilt I’ve made started with an EQ project. If you are also an EQ user, here are some EQ project files you can download for free. Because WordPress does not allow a direct upload of Electric Quilt project files, I’ve uploaded the files to Box.com. When you click the download link you will be taken to a download page where you can click the Download button. Please do not share these EQ files on your blog – you’re welcome to direct people here to download their own copy of the files.


When possible, I’ve included a picture of the finished quilt next to the EQ illustration.

Liftoff – Birds in the Air

Birds in the Air Liftoff Quilt
Download Liftoff EQ7 Project

Coin Toss

Coin Toss Coin Toss quilt again
Download Coin Toss EQ Project


Pauline Pauline
Download Pauline EQ Project
I also wrote instruction for this – download the free PDF.

Framing Squares

Ryan 2 Framing Squares
Download Framing Squares EQ Project

Good & Plenty

Laura 5 Good & Plenty finished
Download Good & Plenty EQ Project


Logo Color 5 Ironwork* Quilt Top
Other colorways:
Logo Color 9 Logo Color 7 Logo Color 12
Download Ironwork EQ Project
I also did a quilt along for this: Ironwork* Quilt Along part 1, part 2, part 2 addendum, part 3 and part 4.

Sister’s Choice

Nun 5 Sister's Choice
Download Sister’s Choice EQ Project
I also wrote instruction for this – download the free PDF.

Criss Cross (aka Mosaic #10)

I didn’t make this quilt, but I wrote up the instructions for a friend, Lisa, who did it in a different colorway. As you can see, different colors create a completely different quilt!
Criss Cross 5 Lisa's show and tell August
Download Criss Cross EQ Project
I also wrote instruction for this – download the free PDF.

Basket Block of the Month

This file will be a little larger, because it include not only the original setting, but many of the other settings we considered. Major bonus! I’m showing several finished quilts, since they’re all so pretty. No, none of them are mine!
Setting Option 6 Karen's Basket BOM
Lisa's basket quilt Jeanne's Family Basket BOM
Download the Basket Block of the Month
You can also download instructions for all of the blocks plus the original setting on the Patterns page.


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