Crash, but no burn

Yesterday was supposed to be a good day.

Yesterday, my mom, aunt and I were taking a road trip to visit another quilter, P. from The Way I Sew It.

Sidebar: I have something super awesome to show you in a week or two, a project that P. and I are working on together. It involves found quilt tops, EQ7, a new quilt top, an agony of decision-making, machine quilting, and a happy ending, plus a pattern! But not just yet…

I quilted a top for her and decided that a 1 1/4 hour drive each way would cost about the same as sending the quilt via the US Postal Service, thanks to their new rates. Since she lives near a fabric store that mom, Mickey and I wanted to visit, I had no trouble getting them to agree to the trip. We shopped (Robert Kaufman batiks on sale for $6.99!) happily, then called P. from the parking lot to let her know we were on our way. It was a 4 minute drive according to the GPS.


No one was hurt, but the car – my mom’s – was damaged beyond driving. Fortunately, P. (and her husband) are the nicest people on the face of the earth, and once we got things sorted out with the police and the other driver, P. took us to her house, literally less than a minute away. Her husband helped me find a place to rent a vehicle, and then let the crazy quilting ladies have a nice, calming chat. We picked up the vehicle and then had a leisurely lunch and talked and talked and talked…

And when it was time to drive home, the chocolate P. snuck into the lovely gift of fabric she gave me helped with any residual nerves. Enough so that mom joked about visiting Ikea now that we were driving a van instead of a car.

Hmmm, Ikea. But no, that’s a decision to be made after the insurance company lets us know the financial repercussions.


Inspiration is Everywhere

Checking in briefly to share a photo of quilty inspiration from the unlikeliest of places:

Inspiration for On a Roll

Yes, that is a sheet of toilet paper, with one series outlined in pencil so you can see the design more clearly.

Now time to get back to a super secret project that I’ve been putting off for far too long. When I finally get to share it, you’ll be blown away!

Insert rude Elton John song title here

Surprise! I’m alive!

I’m going to write about something completely unrelated to the Test Your Skills Sampler. ¬†Yes, I’ll get back to it. It will be finished, eventually. I just don’t love it right now, and because I felt guilty about not finishing it I haven’t been writing about anything else, either. Time for that to stop.

Thing 1: Nails

No, this will not morph into a nail polish blog, but I have fallen in love with nail polish and I had to share a recent manicure. I change it once or twice a week, and I always hand paint or draw it myself. I can’t take a decent photo of my own hands to save my life, plus – wow – my hands need some TLC now that I see the extreme close ups. And the designs look kind of smeary, but I promise, if you saw them for real you’d be blown away.

Left 3 Right 3

Thing 2: Mom’s Quilt

Check out these pics of a quilt Mom made for a 50th anniversary gift. The block is commonly known as Bear’s Paw but is also known as the Hand of Friendship. It started out as one thing, then morphed into another when I made a mistake in the calculations. Here’s the original EQ7 illustration:

Martin Quilt EQ7

And here’s the final quilt.

Martin Hand of Friendship Quilt

Mom & Quilt Label

Martin Hand of Friendship Quilt Label

Mom & Martin Hand of Friendship Quilt

Thing 3: Sharon’s Quilt
My cousin Sharon has recently been reinfected by the quilting bug. Here’s a semi-recent finish, shared at a Stitch & Bitch from a few months ago:

Sharon's Spinners

Thing 4: Victoria & Albert
This just popped up on my Pinterest page. Have you seen the Victoria & Albert Museum website? There’s all sorts of stuff, but what caught my eye was this Patchwork Pattern Maker. Upload a photo, adjust a few settings, and it creates a design of squares and half square triangles for you to turn into a quilt! Here’s a photo of some flowers I took years ago with my very first digital camera (it used a floppy disk as “film”):

susan and allium

And digitized, here’s the quilt:

Black Eyed Susan & Allium Patchwork

View it from a distance, and you can definitely see the pattern:

Black Eyed Susan & Allium Patchwork

Side by side:

V&A Patchwork Pattern Maker

Cool stuff, huh?