Click on the image to download a PDF pattern. Most of the patterns are free – a few at the bottom are available for purchase in my Etsy shop, Piecemeal Quilts.

Copyright: This is pretty common sense stuff. Do not mass produce and sell quilts made from my patterns. Print a free pattern in its entirety as many times as you like and share it with your friends or guild. Use it to make quilts for gifts, fundraisers, competition, donation, or to make and sell singly. I’d love it if you send me an email if you’re using it for something special, but you don’t have to. Do not reproduce my instructions in whole or in part and sell them. For purchased patterns, the only additional restriction is that you cannot  share the pattern without prior written consent. Please ask – I am open to sharing them depending on the request. It comes down to this: If the way you wish to use it could prevent me from selling a pattern, don’t do it without asking me.

Complete Quilts

Criss Cross Quilt Sister's Choice Quilt Pauline's Quilt

Basket Block of the Month

Basket Block 1 Basket Block 2 Basket Block 3 Basket Block 4 Basket Block 5 Basket Block 6 Basket Block 7 Basket Block 8 Basket Block 9 Basket Block 10 Basket Block 11 Basket Block 12

Alternate Piecing Method for Basket Block 12 Handles (No Paper Piecing)

Basket Block 12

Basket Block Setting Options

Setting Option 6

Pieced Blocks

Friendship Star Variable Star HST Variable Star Flying Geese Variable Star Dimensional
Wonky Star Anxiety

Foundation Pieced Blocks

Freezer Paper Piecing Tutorial
Basic Heart Braided Heart Crazy Heart Horizontal Heart Log Cabin Heart Rail Fence Heart Rays Heart Short Striped Heart Striped Heart

Other Stuff

One Seam/Curved Flying Geese Tutorial
Key Fobs

Patterns for Sale

The following patterns are available in my Etsy shop. If you don’t see one out there, send me an email and I’ll renew the pattern. Clicking on the images will take you to a larger version in my Flickr photo stream.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus
The Christmas Cactus Quilt Along files are no longer available for free download. I have put together a PDF that contains instructions for the entire quilt, and it is available for purchase in my Etsy shop. It looks great in other colorways as well:

Christmas Cactus 6 Fire Dragons Christmas Cactus 4 Blush


A log cabin variation, this was my first original quilt pattern, and is still one of my favorites! You can change the design by rotating the blocks.

Neapolitan quilt crop

Alternate settings include (the last adds 12 more blocks for a rectangular setting):

Neapolitan variation 4 Neapolitan variation 2 Neapolitan Variation 1 Rectangular Setting

Basket Case

My mom made this quilt from my pattern – I just love the buttery yellow background.

Basket Case 1

Here are some other views:

Basket Case Basket Case 3 Basket Case Buttercup 1

Everything Old is New Again

A charm pack friendly pattern, this was my “proof” that traditional patterns look great in modern fabrics. Mom and I both made this quilt, her in very traditional colors and me in more modern colors. Of course I can’t remember the name of either fabric line!

Everything Old is New Again Everything Old is New Again - Mom

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  1. I’m having difficulty downloading Block 3, is it a problem on my end?? Love these designs. What a beautiful layout quilt you’ve shown!! Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the great basket blocks and pp freezer paper turorial, hopefully quilt will be accurate,


    • Deb –
      I emailed you a PDF of the pattern, along with instructions for printing it at the correct size.

  3. Your Pattern Page is marvelous! Easy to navigate and to see everything grouped together is wonderful….

    Good Job!! 🙂

  4. you baskets patterns I am going to make a set up for me and another to be used for totebags for breast cancer patients….you are spreading cheer here on a snowy day.

  5. This is wonderful and looks so easy, even I should be able to follow these patterns!
    I am downunder in Australia and am so glad I found you. Silvie

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