Babycat in danger

I have three cats. Amalthea (Malthy, Miss Priss, Missy) is named after a character in the book/animated movie “The Last Unicorn” by Peter S. Beagle. She’s about 18, fluffy and beautiful and light as a feather. She’s a picky eater, prone to unexpected urps and frequent hairballs, and she’s had so many bladder infections that she’s on a permanent low maintenance dose of antibiotics.


Then there’s Rugen (Ru, GoodRu Wilson, Rubbit, Rugenomics, the Rugenator), named after the six-fingered man in the book/movie “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman (or S. Morganstern). Ru has an extra toe on each foot, so it seemed appropriate. Another picky eater, he’ll turn up his nose at canned cat food but scarf down Kashi cereal and corn chips like crazy. He’s the most skittish cat, flying three feet in the air if you move your feet when he walks past your chair (hence “Rubbit”).

Compact Ru

Finally, we have Ru’s sister, Buttercup (Boocup, Sissy, Baby Girl), named after another character in the Princess Bride because of the extra toe thing (my cat has two extra toes on each front foot, and one extra on each back). Buttercup can – and does – eat anything, with the odd exception of most meat. The little garbage gut routinely cleans up Malthy’s canned food plate, licks the crumbs from the wrapper of my Kashi bars, eats any dry cat food we put down, licks the milk from the cereal bowl if we don’t snatch it away fast enough – she’s even reached out a paw and snagged food right out from under my nose. She isn’t fat, but she’s a solid, compact little thing.

Buttercup Daydreams

The babycat in danger today was Buttercup. She loves plastic grocery bags, and will lick and lick and lick them endlessly. I sometimes twist and tie them into a ball with a tail, and she loves to knock them off the edge of the counter and chase them around. I know the bags are dangerous to pets if they’re swallowed, but she’s never done that – until today. I heard her chewing on a bag and got up to investigate, only to find that she’s chewed off almost an entire handle. The plastic bags will compact in their digestive systems and can block their intestines, potentially leading to death. I scooped her up and took her to the bathroom for an application of hydrogen peroxide. If you have cats or dogs, you want to have a medicine dropper and peroxide on hand in case you need to induce vomiting. The problem is, they don’t like the taste, so you have to force it into them. Buttercup REALLY doesn’t like the taste, so it was a real challenge. I believe this cat has only vomited once before in the three years we’ve had her, and her surprise and disgust when it happened was comical to witness. She really fought the urge to vomit with the peroxide, and it took an hour, and nearly 5 teaspoons to make it happen. (Actually it was probably more like 10 teaspoons, but I ended up wearing half of it.) I was getting really worried near the end because she wouldn’t vomit, and I was afraid that the peroxide was going to damage her, or react with the bag to create something toxic, or some even more terrifying event that my overactive imagination could conjure. When she finally did I was really glad that I’d decided to do it, because she urped a huge chunk of plastic. Crisis averted, and she even still loves me.



Hah! I knew that word would get you! That word has been responsible for me turning my car around more times than I can count. It’s even better than “SALE”!

I’ve updated the Quilting Resources page, so be sure to check it out. It’s full of links to great quality free patterns and some of my favorite shopping sites. It’s always available – there’s a link at the top of my blog – and I’ll keep adding to it as I find stuff that’s worthy.

Git ‘er Done, Part 2

Here’s another WIP (I prefer the term “work in progress” to UFO – “unfinished fabric object”):

In 2006, I decided to make a large quilt for my brother and sister-in-law. It would be their Christmas present, and I carefully chose the colors to match their furniture. They aren’t “traditional” quilt types, but they aren’t really “art quilt” types either. I ended up making a Split Ohio Star block with black and jewel colors. It’s sort of a modern Amish color scheme. Because I seldom finish anything on time, I “gave” them a box of fabric and blocks for Christmas. The next Christmas, I “gave” them the pieced top. I’m thinking I could have the darn thing quilted by next Christmas!

I really love the look of this quilt, and I have some gorgeous variegated thread from Superior that will be fantastic on it. Part of the reason I’m hesitant to quilt it is that I don’t want to mess up the quilting. Which is silly, because I’ve quilted several large quilts already and I’ve been very happy with how they turned out.

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

So I decided to change my blog. Just a few days old, and already I’m foofin’ around with it. (Technical term, you know.) “Ask Me I’ll Tell You” is a good name for a general blog, but I’m really focusing mostly on quilts and such, so “Piecemeal Quilts” makes more sense. I copied all of the relevant blog posts, and I’ve notified the couple of groups I signed up with. I really don’t have any readers yet, anyway…


I’ve been helping out a local quilt shop owner with her website (since I’m sitting around the house until I find a job). I also offered to write up pattern instructions for her, since she just doesn’t have the time (and I have nothing but), and since I just LOOOVE to tell people what to do. (“Ask Me I’ll Tell You” came about for that very reason!) While I was playing on the computer this morning, waiting until she opened, I futzed a bit in EQ6. Suddenly, to my surprise (they did the Mash! – oops, sorry, free association got the better of me there), I had a truly gorgeous quilt on the screen in front of me. Hmmm. I printed it out and took it along to the quilt shop. And… (drum roll please) …she liked it! In fact, she liked it so much that she asked if I’d write up instructions for it AND make a sample. She’ll provide the fabric for the top and I’ll get the quilt back after they’re done displaying it. We need to work out financial details yet, but I’m excited about it! We’ve got a good sized show coming up in September, and I need to have it finished by then so they can kit it up. I’m going to use the In the Pink II line from Buggy Barn (Henry Glass Fabrics). Fortunately it’s a smaller quilt – 52″ square – so I shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing it in time. Waaaaahh!

Git ‘er Done, Part 1

I have so many projects that just need to be completed! I’m making a page with photos of them all, and I’ll blog about them individually as I have time. here’s the first one:

This is the second quilt I’ve ever made, for my aunt and uncle who are both retired from education. I started quilting nearly five years ago! The quilt has been sitting unfinished for years because of a mistake in the block placement. If you look just below left of center, you’re realize that one of the hourglass blocks is rotated 1/4 turn. At Christmastime I showed the aunt the unfinished top and told her I was making it for her. I hoped that would give me a kick in the butt to finish it, but no such luck. A couple of months ago I picked it out and sewed the square back in correctly, but I still haven’t quilted the darn thing.

Setting Myself Up for Success

I just joined a Summer Stash Challenge hosted by Eileen’s Attic (and first spotted on crazy mom quilts), and even though I’m a little late getting started, I figure my string quilt qualifies for the challenge. I started it in July, it’s all from my stash, and maybe by joining the challenge I’ll actually finish it by the end of August (My mother says she’ll believe it when she sees it – even more incentive to get the thing finished!)

I blogged about the string quilt a bit here, but here’s an idea of how I’d like to set it:

Except, you know, without carpeting showing through. I’ll probably use white sashing, or maybe a pale aqua. Not quite sure yet.