Strings Attached

My most recent quilting project is a string quilt, using 8″ finished blocks pieced on muslin foundation. The blocks will be combined into diamonds consisting of four blocks, set on point, joined with white sashing. I may include red cornerstones or I may just stick with the sashing.

This is a scrappy project, using a variety of bright fabrics. I started out using actual scraps but I found that I didn’t have near enough. So off to the stash I went and I lopped off strips of varying widths. It’s actually surprisingly easy to do, and it requires little thought. I just zip through the strips as I’m watching TV (well, mostly listening to TV). I have 39 blocks so far and I need a total of 96 to make a full size quilt. I’m not sure if I’ll use batting when I quilt it because of the extra layer of muslin. It may turn out to be just a light summer coverlet.



  1. I enjoyed taking a look at your blog. I especially like this string quilt project. I love scrappy quilts and have been thinking about doing something like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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