Yesterday was my grandma’s birthday, so last night the four of us went out to eat. As we were driving back to her place for cake (BTW, I didn’t know that seven minute icing was MERINGUE!!), we saw movement on the sidewalk. We glanced to the side, and there was a guy in a winter coat riding a unicycle.

And of course, no camera.


Everything Old…

Working on Laura’s Quilt (aka Good & Plenty), I really fell in love with the clean, modern look of white and – . The boxes were fun and easy to make, but I thought it might be interesting to pair a modern color palette with a traditional style quilt. I played around a bit and came up with a new pattern called, appropriately enough, “Everything Old is New Again.” The pattern incorporates new assembly methods and fabric options (sew-then-cut half square triangles, charm packs) with a traditional block (Ohio Star). I worked up several options in EQ6 (can I say again how much I love EQ6?!!) and printed them off, then took them to one of my favorite quilt shops. Mary Kay liked the design enough to ask me to put together a sample – and pre-order the patterns. Once the sample is made, she’ll display it in the store and kit it in the fabrics that I chose. Best of all, when making a quilt for display, she supplies the fabric for the top! I really appreciate this because my budget is so tight right now that it’s the only way I get to play with new fabrics. And what new fabrics! I’m using the Sultry line by basicgray, from Moda. It’s a wonderful combination of pink, acid green and brown on a very pale cream background. I’m pairing it with a pale cream solid – so pale it looks white until you put it next to something that really IS white.

Here’s a quick peek of the project:

Mom liked the pattern, too, but she wanted to try it in a different palette, so she’s using Northern Solitude by Holly Taylor, also for Moda (what can I say, they have the best charm packs!). We’ll see who finishes first. Normally, I’d say she’ll win, hands down, but she doesn’t have the background fabric yet. She has the charm packs, but the other fabrics aren’t available. Maybe I have a chance…

Catching Up

I’ve fallen out of the habit of blogging recently, and I really need to get back into it. I think it’s a little bit of that old anxiety coming back. It’s so easy to let things drift, even when I have all sorts of interesting things going on. So, in the interest of putting my head back on straight, here’s what happened recently:

The monthly stitch & bitch session was a big hit this time around, as it included three aunts, a mom, a friend, and my aunt’s daughter’s husband’s mother. Seven of us crammed into our basement and talked, sewed (although not as much as we should have!), and scarfed down some really incredible coffee cake. Hmm… gonna have to use that recipe in a future pattern.

Speaking of patterns, my blog was listed on a quilt pattern site and today’s traffic increased to more than 10 times the number of hits I had yesterday. Um, thanks! I don’t know where it came from, but it’s pretty cool to see that almost 1200 people looked at my blog today. I even had a couple of people ask about my patterns, prompting me to renew my Neapolitan pattern and list the Basket Case and Icicles patterns on Etsy. If you’re interested, you can check them out at my Etsy shop.
Icicles Neapolitan quilt Basket Case Buttercup 1

Another thing we discussed on Saturday was our next “meeting.” We’ve been getting together on the second Saturday of every month, and the April gathering happens to fall on the Saturday of the International Quilt Festival in Chicago (Rosemont, IL). Mom and I have attended every one except the first, and even though funds are tight, we’ll be going to this one, too. It helps that it’s just a short hour and a half-ish drive from our house. Six of us will be joining up and sharing gas money for an all day quilt extravaganza. (Should that have been in caps?) If you haven’t been to the show and it’s even remotely within your driving range and/or budget, I strongly recommend to go. Set a spending limit, though, because there are enough vendors there to give even the most disciplined quilter a case of credit card wrist. And please, do me a favor – don’t wear a backpack. It’s a snug fit on Saturday, and even though quilters are some of the nicest shoppers, it’s still annoying to get smacked by an over-enthusiastically wielded backpack.

We’re still working on blocks (make that whole quilts) for the Bushfire Quilt Project. I’m not as inspired by the Wonky Stars as I’d hoped to be, so I’m trying some other things, possibly in combination with the stars we have finished. I expect to have at least a couple of completed quilts to send to Tia in the next week or two.

However, I AM inspired to finished my Family Star Block of the Month quilt. Why am I inspired? Because my mom finished her quilt yesterday! Well, it’s all done except the binding, and it’s amazing. Now we’re thinking about next year’s BOM (of course we decided to do another one), and we’ve pretty much decided on a basket theme. Time to get planning!