Everything Old…

Working on Laura’s Quilt (aka Good & Plenty), I really fell in love with the clean, modern look of white and – . The boxes were fun and easy to make, but I thought it might be interesting to pair a modern color palette with a traditional style quilt. I played around a bit and came up with a new pattern called, appropriately enough, “Everything Old is New Again.” The pattern incorporates new assembly methods and fabric options (sew-then-cut half square triangles, charm packs) with a traditional block (Ohio Star). I worked up several options in EQ6 (can I say again how much I love EQ6?!!) and printed them off, then took them to one of my favorite quilt shops. Mary Kay liked the design enough to ask me to put together a sample – and pre-order the patterns. Once the sample is made, she’ll display it in the store and kit it in the fabrics that I chose. Best of all, when making a quilt for display, she supplies the fabric for the top! I really appreciate this because my budget is so tight right now that it’s the only way I get to play with new fabrics. And what new fabrics! I’m using the Sultry line by basicgray, from Moda. It’s a wonderful combination of pink, acid green and brown on a very pale cream background. I’m pairing it with a pale cream solid – so pale it looks white until you put it next to something that really IS white.

Here’s a quick peek of the project:

Mom liked the pattern, too, but she wanted to try it in a different palette, so she’s using Northern Solitude by Holly Taylor, also for Moda (what can I say, they have the best charm packs!). We’ll see who finishes first. Normally, I’d say she’ll win, hands down, but she doesn’t have the background fabric yet. She has the charm packs, but the other fabrics aren’t available. Maybe I have a chance…


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