Test Your Skills Sampler

Welcome to the Test Your Skills Sampler! Here’s a button if you’d like to place it on your blog:

Test Your Skills Sampler
Test Your Skills Sampler

The sampler goes hand in hand with the Skill Builder Series, and you’ll find links throughout the sampler instructions to appropriate Skill Builder posts. I strongly suggest you check out the Skill Builder Series here if you haven’t already.

As we progress through the sampler, I’ll add links to the steps below. At the end of three or four months years, you should have something like this:

Test Your Skills Sampler FINAL (for real this time!)

Fabric Selection and Requirements
Nine Patch fillers – matching seams, strip and chain piecing
Nine Patch & Snowball – matching seams, alternate blocks
Bow Tie fillers – corners
Bullseye – log cabin
Shoofly fillers – HSTs, matching seams
Card Trick – QST & Y blocks
Pinwheel fillers – HSTs, nesting seam intersections
Dutchman’s Puzzle – flying geese
Capital T – flying geese
Ohio Star fillers – QSTs
Diamond in Square – diamond in square
Fifty-Four Forty or Fight – 60 degree triangles
Turnstile filler – Y blocks
Spiral – foundation piecing
Crossed Canoes – foundation piecing
Variable Star fillers – flying geese
LeMoyne Star – Y seams
Indiana Puzzle – curved piecing
Feathered Star – HSTs, complex blocks
Block and Background assembly
Rows and Top assembly
Batting and Backing


  1. i found your blog today and think this is a great smpler quilt. I would like to try it. However i noticed not all the steps of the quilt is available here. like “Spiral – foundation piecing
    Crossed Canoes – foundation piecing, etc. are those available somewhere else? Thanks.

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