Git ‘er Done, Part 1

I have so many projects that just need to be completed! I’m making a page with photos of them all, and I’ll blog about them individually as I have time. here’s the first one:

This is the second quilt I’ve ever made, for my aunt and uncle who are both retired from education. I started quilting nearly five years ago! The quilt has been sitting unfinished for years because of a mistake in the block placement. If you look just below left of center, you’re realize that one of the hourglass blocks is rotated 1/4 turn. At Christmastime I showed the aunt the unfinished top and told her I was making it for her. I hoped that would give me a kick in the butt to finish it, but no such luck. A couple of months ago I picked it out and sewed the square back in correctly, but I still haven’t quilted the darn thing.


2 thoughts on “Git ‘er Done, Part 1

  1. You know, I had to look pretty hard even though you point out the 1/4 turn in the hourglass piece. It still looks pretty darn impressive to me! And you’re actually making quilts instead of thinking about making quilts like I do. Happy quilting, and I might add now Happy Blogging!

  2. Loved your Git-er Done quilt – just an aside – many of the professional quilters always have one square done incorrectly because only God to make something perfect!!

    As my husband always warns me: Don’t tell anyone and they will never notice.

    Just found your site today – wish I had found it years ago!!

    Keep up the good work, Dorothy

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