I’ve been helping out a local quilt shop owner with her website (since I’m sitting around the house until I find a job). I also offered to write up pattern instructions for her, since she just doesn’t have the time (and I have nothing but), and since I just LOOOVE to tell people what to do. (“Ask Me I’ll Tell You” came about for that very reason!) While I was playing on the computer this morning, waiting until she opened, I futzed a bit in EQ6. Suddenly, to my surprise (they did the Mash! – oops, sorry, free association got the better of me there), I had a truly gorgeous quilt on the screen in front of me. Hmmm. I printed it out and took it along to the quilt shop. And… (drum roll please) …she liked it! In fact, she liked it so much that she asked if I’d write up instructions for it AND make a sample. She’ll provide the fabric for the top and I’ll get the quilt back after they’re done displaying it. We need to work out financial details yet, but I’m excited about it! We’ve got a good sized show coming up in September, and I need to have it finished by then so they can kit it up. I’m going to use the In the Pink II line from Buggy Barn (Henry Glass Fabrics). Fortunately it’s a smaller quilt – 52″ square – so I shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing it in time. Waaaaahh!