The Times, They Are A-Changin’

So I decided to change my blog. Just a few days old, and already I’m foofin’ around with it. (Technical term, you know.) “Ask Me I’ll Tell You” is a good name for a general blog, but I’m really focusing mostly on quilts and such, so “Piecemeal Quilts” makes more sense. I copied all of the relevant blog posts, and I’ve notified the couple of groups I signed up with. I really don’t have any readers yet, anyway…



  1. no readers yet???? I was intrested from the moment I first found your blog! lol !!!
    You do what you think is good for you, I’ll come back and read some more because I will put your blog in my feet list ( again )!

    hugs and happy blogging
    Winda aka DQ from the Netherlands


  2. Thanks, Winda, it’s nice to know someone’s out there! I checked out your site and blog, too – great work!

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