Git ‘er Done, Part 2

Here’s another WIP (I prefer the term “work in progress” to UFO – “unfinished fabric object”):

In 2006, I decided to make a large quilt for my brother and sister-in-law. It would be their Christmas present, and I carefully chose the colors to match their furniture. They aren’t “traditional” quilt types, but they aren’t really “art quilt” types either. I ended up making a Split Ohio Star block with black and jewel colors. It’s sort of a modern Amish color scheme. Because I seldom finish anything on time, I “gave” them a box of fabric and blocks for Christmas. The next Christmas, I “gave” them the pieced top. I’m thinking I could have the darn thing quilted by next Christmas!

I really love the look of this quilt, and I have some gorgeous variegated thread from Superior that will be fantastic on it. Part of the reason I’m hesitant to quilt it is that I don’t want to mess up the quilting. Which is silly, because I’ve quilted several large quilts already and I’ve been very happy with how they turned out.


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