My Quilt Story

Are you familiar with the Quilt Story blog? Every few days they feature a quilt and it’s story (gee, is it that obvious?). There have been some beautiful quilts and fantastic stories, and it started me thinking… I think the story behind my Neapolitan quilt is worth sharing, and I’m pretty darn proud of the quilt, too. I submitted a link to my recent Neapolitan blog post, and in just a day or two I had a response. They were interested in my quilt and liked the story, but they needed more photos. (Just what I love in a quilt blog – lots and lots of photos!) I promised more photos the next morning, and (practically) first thing I hauled it outside and proceeded to drape it over everything in sight. We have a beautiful garden (maintained entirely by my mom – hi Mom!), and I love taking photos of quilts out there. Once I sent the link to the pictures, I waited impatiently until they confirmed that they were going to feature my quilt. Woohoo! Today I received an email with the feature date – Monday, July 5th! For two days, it will be the featured quilt. If you’d like to check out my quilt, just click the link above to go to the site on July 5th and it will be the first entry. I’ll add a link to the individual post later.

Be sure to check out the many other wonderful quilts featured! And you can see all of the Neapolitan garden photos in my Neapolitan Flickr set.