EQ6 rocks – and so does Moda!

I’ve been using EQ6 since it was EQ5. It’s been a couple of years since I first received it for Christmas, and I’m as hooked as ever. In fact, I tend to get caught up in designing and forget to get around to sewing. One thing that has always frustrated me is the difficulty finding exactly the right fabric in the libraries. The libraries are huge, but there’s a lot of tone on tones and well, really ugly stuff in there. The EQ6 website has a monthly library that you can download. You even get to help choose the library by voting every month. Still, it’s the grouping that most people like, and I’m not always most people. I know you can import your own fabrics, either by scanning them or by finding suitable images online and downloading them one at a time, but it’s so time consuming! You can imagine my joy when I discovered that Moda has added a function to their new fabrics on their website. Many of the new lines have the option of downloading the images for importing into your favorite quilting software. Just click on the dark taupe circle under the fabric line. Now I can add an entire line of fabric to my library with just a few clicks. Seriously, it takes five, maybe ten minutes including download time. How cool is that?! I downloaded the “Pumpkins Gone Wild” line from Sandy Gervais – and I used it in a new pattern that I just created.

Okay, I know I should be sewing on the Neapolitan quilt, and on the Summer Stash Challenge string quilt, but I couldn’t resist this new pattern. I saw a sign in front of a church yesterday – it said, “Hang in there – Moses was once a basket case.” I loved the sentiment, of course, because everything has been so crazy for me lately. But that phrase, ‘basket case,’ stuck in my head. I thought it would make a great quilt pattern name (and yes, it’s been used a few times). Then I saw the Pumpkins Gone Wild fabric and I knew I wanted to put them together. So, all designed, and I’m ready to write up the instructions. I’ll take it along when I see the owner of my LQS on Friday, and maybe she’ll be interested. Of course, I want to have the Neapolitan quilt done – at least the top – so I don’t look like I’ve been slacking!


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