Garden success and manual labor


Mom bought half a yard of river rock to augment some of the paths in the garden, and I just couldn’t in good conscience sit at a sewing machine while she hauled and spread rock by herself. So I helped. I shoveled and hauled most of it, and I. Am. Beat.

It looks nice, though.
Rock 1
Rock 2
Rock 3

Before the rock, though, I bought some nice stuff for the garden. Today was a city-wide rummage sale and I looove rummage sales. We’ve been thinking about adding some non-planty stuff to the garden to add color and interest. Painted birdhouses, old chairs or tables, shelves, that sort of stuff. But I’m really cheap (not to mention broke), so I didn’t want to buy pretty new stuff. Rummage sales (and Freecycle) are the way to go! I drove past eighty thousand rummage sales with baby clothes and kids toys and exercise equipment, but I scored at two sales. One had tons of wooden birdhouses and stuff, so I picked up this CD cabinet for $2 and these assorted items for $6.
Bird Box
Rummage Sale Finds

I’m kicking myself for not grabbing something at the other place, though. I got this wicker chair for $3,
Wicker Chair
and if I’d had half a brain I would have bought the wicker loveseat that went with it for $10. TEN DOLLARS. What was I thinking? We went back for it a couple of hours later, but it was already gone. We stopped to check out a wicker chaise at another sale, but she wanted $45. Ha. Not gonna happen.

I’m going to paint all of them items (except the chair) in pretty candy colors – light aqua, apple green, pale watermelon, and light violet.


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