Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Oh, it’s been a busy week. I abandoned the blog for the past – yes! – nine days, but I’m back, and I’ll have so much more to say tomorrow. First, a quick update. I’m working at a local restaurant and dinner theater, and I think it has potential. I’m not going into much detail because I don’t want to be one of those people who starts blogging about her workplace and then it comes back to bite her in the butt. So, ’nuff said.

On the quilting front, Mom is nearly finished making the Basket Case quilt. In fact, I may have a photo to upload tomorrow, or Monday at the latest. She finished the quilting tonight and just has the binding to put on. I’m so please with how it has turned out! We chose a line of fabric that’s a couple of years old, Moda’s Picket Fence by Chloe’s Closet. It’s in retro blues, creams, and pinks, with a touch of green that isn’t quite the exact shade in the Picket Fence line, but is close enough to make me happy. It’s a full size quilt, and it will go nicely in her room. I have the instructions all ready to go, and I’m just waiting for the photo to put on the front. I’ll take it (along with the Neapolitan pattern) to a couple of local quilt shops and see if they’re interested in buying some. We have a shop hop coming up next week which will give me a chance to chat with each of the store owners briefly. I’m very fortunate in that I have two shops within a 15 minute drive of my home. There are at least seven within half an hour’s drive, and more than 20 within an hour’s drive. I shop mostly at three that are closest to me, in part because I really like the owners. All three have helped me in my quilting journey, and are just plain nice people, to boot.

Finally, I have a cat question. Does anyone else have a cat that plays fetch? Sometimes I think Buttercup doesn’t understand the way the game is supposed to work, as she will drop her mousie five feet away from me when she returns. When I’m hiking across the room to pick it up, though, I realize that she knows exactly what “fetch” means – and I’M the one doing the fetching. I’ll tell her, “Get your mousie,” and she’ll sit nearby, looking blankly at me. I repeat myself and she looks at the mouse, then at me, plainly communicating, “It’s right there!” Invariably, I heave myself out of the chair and go fetch it so I can throw it for her again. Of course, she also likes to curl up under my shirt, more so now that it’s getting cooler. She’ll paw at the bottom of my shirt, usually when I’m at the computer or reading a book in the recliner. As soon as I lift the bottom edge for her she squeezes herself underneath, crawling up my chest to settle sideways against me. She’s been known to sleep for hours – literally – in there. As long as I don’t move around too much (and even if I do, as long as I support my “growth”), she’s content to cuddle.



  1. Our Jasper used to fetch when he was younger. We would throw a little mouse and say, “Go get it, Jasper!” He’d run after it, and bring it back in his mouth just like a dog.

  2. Archie plays fetch…sort of. If he’s in an enclosed room, he’ll bring the mouse back and drop it within my arm’s reach. If the door’s open, he’ll pick the mouse up and run to the other end of the apartment with it.
    He also plays Hide & Seek, yelling at me to come find him, then taking off to go hide again. And then there’s a game I call “Let’s Piss Kate Off By Jumping On The Counter Again.” He’s really good at that one.

  3. Oh, yeah, I know that game, Kate. Buttercup and Ru are both REALLY good at that one, too. Buttercup also likes the “Scratch the Furniture Until Mom Gets Out of Her Chair” game.

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