One Seam Dimensional Flying Geese

One Seam Dimensional Flying Geese with a Twist

I mentioned the incredible one seam dimensional flying geese demonstrated in the sample video over at The Quilt Show (with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims). I gave it a try today, and was amazed at how quick and easy it was to make a flying geese unit. This creates a dimensional unit, with little pockets on each side of the goose. It occurred to me that you could take this a step further and turn back the dimensional edge to form a curve. Here are two flying geese, the top with the edges curved back and stitched, the bottom just a regular dimensional goose. I put together a quick tutorial for the basic one seam flying geese unit, with additional info on the turned back curve. Let me know how you like this method for creating flying geese!

Edited to add: Be sure to check out this post about using the curved flying geese to make something reminiscent of a Cathedral Window block.



  1. while thinking of this “new” curled back rim on this flying goos/gees…. if you would make 2 of those, and place them with the yellow side against eachother… you have a cathedral window kind of thing?
    just me thinking out loud, lol

    hugs from the Netherlands

  2. Winda, that’s an interesting idea! It wouldn’t be quite the same as a Cathedral Window – the center would be pulled back instead of the frame, and there would be a seam down the middle – but it would give a very similar look from a distance. I’m going to have to put that on my things to try list!

  3. it would look almost the same indeed, please show me the “endresult” of these “flyinggeesecathedralwindowstechniek” ! maybe we are on to something here! lol

    hugs from the Netherlands

  4. This is a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for sharling with us. B;essings

  5. The dimensional flying geese pattern is shown on page 14 of Georgia Bonesteel’s book Patchwork Potpourri published in 1997. It is an easy block to make. Glad others are finally discovering it.

  6. I have tried the one seam flying geese and it doesn’t work for me! Any clue as to what I’m doing wrong? Not even and looks like ugh, can’t say what I would like to. ;0) Thanks for any help. I watched the video over and over, cut the fabric the size they told and it still didn’t work, looked awful.

    • Jody, I’ll be posting a Flying Geese Skill Builder post in the next day or so – I show several methods including the one seam method. There are detailed photos and explanation that may help you.

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