Cathedral “Winda”

Winda the Dutch Quilter saw the one seam dimensional flying geese post and had a brilliant idea – what if one was turn around to form a cathedral window looking block? Well, this is what it would look like:

Cathedral "Winda"

It isn’t quite the same – the curves are of the window fabric and not the frame so you don’t get that pretty texture, and there is a seam down the middle. However, it takes about three minutes to make this entire block! Winda, you’re a genius, and I’m going to enjoy making these Cathedral Winda blocks!


7 thoughts on “Cathedral “Winda”

  1. wow, thanks for the compliments, but please don’t forget to compliment yourself too! I mean, you were the one that came up with the “curled”edge geese block….
    If it is okay with you I want to link back to you and your tutorial on my own blog.

    hugs from the Netherlands

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  3. I soo have to try this. I just made a cathedral window pillow and it was so involved! I bet if you added a contrasting piece of fabric to the window you wouldn’t even be able to tell that 1) that seam is there and 2) that it is 2 separate blocks!

  4. When I create a line of flying geese are they meant to join or have space between them? this is my first attempt at a “flock” of geese.

    • The “nose” of one goose should just touch the bottom of the goose above it. This post shows a mini quilt that has a string of geese and you can see how they should line up. You don’t want to cut off the point, though.

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