Simple Joy

Tuesday is “Gramma Day” – at least it has been for a few weeks. Now my schedule is changing, so we have to figure out another Gramma day. I drive my grandmother on errands and we get to spend some time together. I enjoy it, and so does she, and having a purpose helps me get off my backside and go see her. She’s just a 10 – 15 minutes drive away, but unless we plan something I don’t think to go see her. So, Gramma Day! This past Tuesday was especially fun, because we went to a local grade school and presented dictionaries to the third graders. I never expected third graders to be so excited about receiving dictionaries! See, Grandma teaches a reminiscence writing class through the senior center, and the group put together a collection of stories and self published it. It’s called “Hopscotch, Hobos and Foxholes,” and it’s full of stories from their childhood (Hopscotch), the Great Depression (Hobos) and World War II (Foxholes). They sell the book at local shops, and the proceeds are used to purchase dictionaries that they give away. This is their fifth year, and they’ve given away more then four thousand books! I’m glad that I got to go with her this time, because the interest the kids had in the books was inspiring. I love words, and being able to share that joy with a room full of eight year olds was priceless. One little boy even gave my grandma a hug at the end.