Cats do the darndest things, part 87

Buttercup is my “personality” cat. The other two definitely have personalities, but Boo-cup has oodles to spare. She’s the one who likes to get inside my shirt, who deliberately spikes her fur, who talks back when she’s scolded, who rubs her face on the top of my head, who ambushes you as you walk past so she can jump to the top of a door… She’s the one who has figured out that if she runs fast enough and hits the back of the chair hard enough, it will recline and create a comfy little spot for her to nap.

Buttercup reclining

Yes, that’s a Raggedy Ann in the background – I made it 10 years ago and can’t bear to part with her. The bin of fabric beneath her is part of my home dec fabric stash, used to make bags. I really need to make a new winter bag…

Please pretend not to notice how filthy that chair is. It’s old. It’s Buttercup’s.


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