Brain Dump

I’ve really slowed down on posts in the past month or two, and I need to get back into the swing of it. It’s a combination of reasons, really. This blog is “supposed” to be a crafty blog, and I just haven’t been sewing much. When I do sew, I don’t seem to take photos. Also, I’ve been fighting the whole anxiety/depression thing again, mostly because of finances. Work – well, when I’m there, I don’t feel the anxiety, even when it gets a little crazy. There are so many good things about where I work, but the few things that make it difficult make it VERY difficult.

On top of the general stress at work, I smacked my head and knocked myself on my butt. Literally. I was helping someone get supplies from a weird little closet that has a door that’s only four feet high. On my way out I was distracted and didn’t bend down far enough, so I ran into the frame (actually, I hit a plastic thing that was mounted on the frame). I blinked, got a little fuzzy, and then slowly fell back and sat down hard. There was no blood, although I have three tiny little cuts on the top of my head from that broken plastic thing. No headache, blurred vision or sleepiness, so I kept working. My scalp stung for a while, but that was it. Two days before I slipped on some ice and fell down, so I’m already dealing with the consequences of that. It’s mostly gone – just the occasional ratchet from my spine when I turn and stretch. Still, I’m such a klutz.

Hmmm, I really did have some good things to write about. I think I’ll have to move that to another post…


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I try to reply to every comment, but sometimes it takes a few days. And sometimes, well... it has been known to drop off the radar. I'm easily distracted by shiny things.

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