“Professional” Quilting Instructor

The coolest thing happened to me today – I was asked to speak at a local quilt guild, and THEY’LL PAY ME! Sure, it isn’t a huge amount, but I love public speaking and I love quilting and I love drafting quilt patterns, so to get paid for doing all three is just beyond fabulous. They would like me to talk about my process for designing and writing quilt patterns, so I need to do a little preparation. I need to make handouts, and I need to finish the quilt I’m currently working on, and I need to have plenty of patterns printed, and I need to collect some quilt samples, and…

Boy, I’d better get busy.


3 thoughts on ““Professional” Quilting Instructor

  1. I’ve had that happen a couple of times too…each time I can’t help think…”who me…little old me?” But when they hand you a bit of money that you know you could spend on fabric or the like…it’s a really good feeling ;o)

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