One down – 87,000 to go

The Everything Old Is New Again quilt is finished and the pattern is available in my Etsy shop. Actually, it’s been finished for almost a week, but I finally finished the pattern this morning. Why, oh why did I think the pieced border was a good idea?! It is easy to sew and adds a nice little bit of interest, but it’s a real pain to calculate in five different quilt sizes. See, my patterns include directions for different size quilts, and the spacing of the white squares in this border is different for each size. It took me longer to figure out and write the instructions for the outer border than for the entire rest of the quilt.


Everything Old is New Again

It looks good, doesn’t it? So does Mom’s version:

Everything Old is New Again - Mom

I took both versions to the quilt shop, along with a dozen patterns, and they loved them. They’re going to kit it in both colorways and take it to a show in Rockford in May. Mom’s pretty excited that her quilt is going to be displayed. I’m much more casual about it, since this is my third quilt on display. (*snort* – if you believe that…)

This makes ONE quilt finished for the Spring to Finish list! Woohoo!



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