HTML Code Basics

I just posted some info in a Flickr group about using HTML code. I thought it might be a useful reference for others, so here it is:

Here’s a quick tutorial on HTML code, some of which can be used in blog comments (and in comments and descriptions on Flickr photos).

1. All HTML code is shown inside the <> characters.
2. Code must be opened and closed. The closing code always has a / preceding the code, within the <> characters.
3. Basic codes include:
Bold: b (ex: <b>Bold</b> looks like Bold)
Italics: i (ex: <i>Italics</i> looks like Italics)
Underline: u (ex: <u>Underline</u> looks like Underline)
Hyperlink: a href=”URL” (closing code is just a)
(ex: <a href=””>Piecemeal Quilts</a> looks like Piecemeal Quilts)

By the way, getting the code to show in the post, instead of it just executing the code, involves changing the < > part of the code into the code that translates to brackets. I did it by using my blog editor, WordPress. I have the option of entering my blog posts in Visual or HTML mode. I write the HTML text in the visual mode, then click into the HTML mode and copy the text with the special characters. If you ever need to do it manually, replace the < with “& lt;” (no spaces between the & and the l) and replace the > with “& gt;” (no spaces between the & and the g). Those are semi-colons at the end (they’re kind of hard to see).