Independence Day (After)

I came across a giveaway on TurningTurning that really hit home. She’s giving away Independence Day themed fabric, but she asked that entries include a personal declaration of independence. Here’s mine:

I am declaring independence from guilt. I don’t expect that will make it go away, but every reminder I give myself that I don’t HAVE to feel that way helps.

So… today, I am happy to be who I am, and feel what I feel, and do what I do.

I haven’t blogged a lot lately, haven’t sewed, haven’t done a lot of things that I’d like to do. I’ve been feeling that old anxiety, and haven’t been doing a very good job of fighting it. It’s funny – I go to work and can accomplish things with drive and purpose and everything is good, but I get home and, well, WALLOW. That’s what it feels like. Gotta work on that.

I see that I’m on post # 98 and I think post #100 would be an excellent opportunity for a giveaway. My goal is to accomplish that post BEFORE the end of the week, so keep your eye on this spot. I’m thinking the giveaway (darn, why do I have so much trouble typing that word?!) will be fabric rather than a project, and hmm… maybe it will involve a choice… I do have a lot to choose from.


2 thoughts on “Independence Day (After)

  1. Glad to know you are still out there…I keep checking-in hoping for a new post from you! Can’t tell for sure if you are just in a quilting/creative rut or are feeling depressed…Hope it’s the former because then I can just say “do something for quilting everyday for even just a half hour and it will come back to you” but for the latter I will say “sorry. Take care of yourself. Know that people care about you!”
    There. Hope one of those helps!

  2. Oh, you sound just like me. Some years back I made a quilt very similiar, even similar colors. Every piece was cut separately and sewn separately. Knowledge is wonderful, isn’t it?

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