So I’ve (finally) made a decision on my Family Basket blocks fabric. I was having such a hard time because everything I pulled, while nice, didn’t jump out and grab me. Finally I decided to treat it as if I were making a quilt for someone else – something that I was going to give away. I didn’t have to love the fabric, I just had to be satisfied that it went together. I finally chose to do browns and blues, using the same fabrics we’ll use for our next neighbor’s kid’s graduation (next year). I’ll cut strips from the fabrics for the graduation quilt every time I cut fabric for my basket blocks. Now that the decision is made, I’m able to move forward. Here’s the fabric I’ve chosen:

Sandi's Basket Fabrics

I made my first block yesterday. It’s actually block #3 (you can download the PDF instructions here), but I wanted to be sure the instructions were accurate before handing them out. Seeing the fabrics in the block, well… I love them!

Sandi's basket block 3

I’m going to alternate the background of the blocks, light and dark. I’m not sure about the setting yet, but we have nine months to decide. I usually give them a few possibilities, usually sashing and a couple of setting squares, but this block screams for an on point setting, so I’ll have to work that out. I saw a beautiful basket quilt at Quilts in the Park last week that used one giant basket block in the center with other basket blocks on point around it. I’ll have to work on that…



  1. I love your blog, and the quilts are beautiful. I just finished two baby quilts and am ready to get back to my black and white quilt

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