500 Comments, Two Giveaways

Way back in August, I posted about a giveaway when I reached 500 comments. I had just topped 400, and was looking forward to that next milestone. This morning we were at 498, and I held my breath, waiting for just two more. When I got home for work, there they were! You may remember that the 500th post would result in TWO giveaways, one for the 500th commenter and a second to be determined by drawing.


The 500th comment belonged to Diane Harris who said:

“I love this quilt! The pattern is interesting and the colors are superb! I give it an A+. As a matter of fact, Iā€™m printing it off right now to take on a quilt retreat with me this weekend.”

She would have won even if there wasn’t gratuitous praise involved, but it’s still nice to hear! Her prize will be an as yet unmade mini quilt that I will send before Halloween.

As for the drawing, the comments have been strongly in favor of fabric, which is great because I have a LOT:

Stash Updated

I’ll give away 6 half yards to the drawing winner – specific fabrics to be determined in a discussion with the winner. I have quite a variety, as you can see in my Flickr photostream.

Here are some examples (photos taken from the 100th post giveaway). These are not the ONLY choices, just some of the possibilities:

Giveaway 6

Giveaway 5
Black and White and Red All Over

Giveaway 4
Baby Girl

Giveaway 3
Red and Aqua

Giveaway 2
Asian Inspired

Giveaway 1
Alexander Henry Novelties

To enter, please leave a comment on THIS post. There are a few rules:
1. The drawing is open to everyone – international visitors are welcome!
2. Since this celebrates the 500th comment, tell me something that you would like to have 500 of – anything except cash, because that’s an obvious choice! It can be anything, serious or fantastic. Don’t forget this – without it, the comment doesn’t count!
3. Earn an extra entry by posting about this giveaway on your blog (please provide a link). Come back and add another comment that provides a link to your post.
4. Be sure to include a way to contact you in the comment – either a link to your blog or your email address.
5. Drawing ends at 10:00 p.m. Central Time on October 15.

Ready, set…. GO!



  1. I would like 500 of a variety of shell/mother of pearl buttons, vintage and modern. I love buttons! Of course, 500 fat quarters would be just as wonderful, think of the quilts that could be made with those. Thanks for a wonderful blog, I quite enjoy it!

  2. 500 days for sewing, okay – I’ll be realistic, 500 hours for sewing – Really – I would be happy with 500 minutes for sewing! I never seem to have enough time for sewing!

  3. I would want 500 flowers to plant in a garden (I’d need that too) so that it would bloom all summer long!

    …or 500 days (or maybe PaulaK’s got a point and I should ask for hours) of paid vacation! šŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Tough call, I think I’d go with 500 extra hours to work/sew. Maybe 500 new yards of fabric, or even FQs! Of the options!

  5. WooHoo!!!! 500….that is awesome. Congratulations.

    500??? I think I would like to have and extra 500 hours to accomplish so many things that I would love to do. I probably need 500 days or 500 weeks if I really think about it.

  6. Like many others, I’d like 500 hours – preferably in two-hour increments; it’s so nice when I do get a bit of time *with* the ability to focus! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  7. I would want 500 tulips planted in my garden. They are my favourite flower and I would love to have big groupings of them planted together.

  8. Congratulations! I would love to have 500 minutes a day with my husband, no ringing telephones, no e-mail, no interruptions, just to read and talk and relax.

  9. How about a 500 day paid vacation from work?! I would SO enjoy those days… all the UFOs could be taken care of! Just imagine the quilting!!! The never-ending list of household projects could get checked off, I’d actually get to see my husband for more than 20 minutes a day and my kids would have a much less frazzled mommy! I could have more time to help with homework, more time for sports, more time for play…

    Wow. Nice daydream!

    Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your 500th comment!!!

  10. Hi the first thing that springs to mind is 500 chocolate frogs! , specifically from a Haighs ( a small chocolate factory here in australia). They are the best chocolate ever!!!!

  11. I’d want 500 fat quarters. Is that too greedy? I’d make lots of quilts to giveaway šŸ™‚

    Congratulations on 500 posts.

  12. Congratulations!!!
    I’d love to have 500 birdhouses šŸ™‚ I colect them and I’m in love with them.
    Of fabric, I’d be thrilled with 500yards of diferent fabrics :D:D:D


  13. I’d like my next 500 year 12 students to all score over 40/50 in my subject. I’d look like the best English teacher in creation! (Can you tell that I’ve just finished the last essay out of the 135 I had to mark in 2 days? I’ve got the job on the brain.)
    Or else I’d like 500 Aldi Gummy bears. (I need a sugar rush.)
    Or 500 vouchers for $100 worth of travel, so that I could drop everything and take that long deferred trip to England.

    That’s a lot of fabric you have in that cupboard!

  14. congrats on 500 posts šŸ™‚

    I’d like 500 days (and the required funds, of course) to travel around the world.

  15. Can I split it?
    I would like half of it in minuets so that I have an extra 250 per day to get more done.
    The other half I would like in square feet on my house so that I can have an extra large room just for my crafting pursuits.

  16. To travel 500 miles to meet my mom halfway from where we’re both living. I miss her terribly during fall when we would bake in the season. Wonderful to think of!

  17. I need 500 excuses not to do the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting (you get the idea) so I have more time to quilt!

  18. Wow! I think 500 days without snow would just about be the best for me. I can handle a little cold or a little heat, but the snow really gets me down, especially when it gets dirty and grey.

    What about 500 Layer Cakes and have a QUILLTINGPARTY !

  20. I must say 500 fat Quarters would be pretty amazing. Storage might be an issue. But something I would be willing to figure out!

  21. Congratulations on your 500th!
    I would like 500 days of paid vacation. And during that 500 day vacation, I would like to visit various states and countries (500 cities perhaps) and purchase 500 fat quarters with which to make a quilt to remember my vacation.

  22. With 6 kids, my house is always in disarray, but with 500 minutes of maid service – I think it would for once be completely clean.

  23. Wow, 500 posts! Congratulations. And congratulations also, to Diane. I would like to have 500 pieces of fabric (but I may have trouble fitting them in my house), or what about 500 chocolates (but I might have trouble fitting in my house). Perhaps I could settle for 500 hugs. Especially a few from my eldest son away at Uni. I would especially enjoy them! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

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