Basket Block 10

Ahem… well…
I…uh…got a little…

Off track.

It happens to me far too often.

Anyway, when I received a comment today from Sharon asking (very politely) when the next block was going to be posted, I took it as the kick in the backside that I needed. Thank you Sharon! I’ve posted the newest block in the sidebar, but because I can’t make WordPress do what I want, it is in the second position instead of the last position. I made it bigger, so it would stand out a bit, but I’ve also posted the link here (click on the block for the PDF):

Block 10

I would also like to thank those of you who voted for the setting options. Setting 6 was the clear winner, with 10 a not-too-distant second. I’ll be writing instructions for those, and if any of my family and friends quilting group wants to do one of the other settings, I’ll post that as well. Here are the settings:

Setting 6
Setting Option 6

Setting 10 (4 versions, depending on fabric placement)
Setting Option 10a

Setting Option 10b

Setting Option 10c

Setting Option 10d


5 thoughts on “Basket Block 10

  1. *laughs* I was so going to e-mail you and ask you how many blocks there were going to be too! I got a start on the basket blocks this week, and I’m loving the way they look!

  2. Are there any directions on the setting 6 arrangement? Looking for tge specifics for additional border suze and 9 patch size. Thanks

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