Walking for a Cause

If you read the last post you’ll know that I’ve started walking again, and I have an event that I’m using as motivation. Let me tell you more…

The event is a 3 mile walk on May 1 for the March of Dimes. Specifically, it’s called March for Babies, and it will help raise money for research and programs to help mothers have full term pregnancies, and help families with newborns in intensive care. There’s a particular reason I chose to participate.

I’m on Team Chase & Landon. Chase and Landon were born just over a year ago, twin boys, the first children of my cousin. Twins run in both her family and her husband’s and we were all so excited for her. Sadly, the boys were born very early. For a couple of days we held out hope that they would both make it, but it was not to be. The memory I will always have of them is just a photo, a quarter next to an open hand. The quarter is larger. Maybe with more knowledge, more research, we’ll learn how to prevent this for other families.

If you would like to support this effort (and, incidentally, help motivate me to keep walking), I’d appreciate any help you can give, whether it be through a donation or by spreading the word. There’s a link below, as well as one in the right sidebar. March of Dimes is a fantastic organization, and this cause is close to my heart. Thank you so much.


One thought on “Walking for a Cause

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