April Quilting Day, Part 1

Saturday was our quilting day, and as usual it was full of food, silliness, and sewing. I haven’t been so good about posting about these quilting days, in part because there are so many photos to edit and upload. I don’t like just slappin’ ’em out here, but it takes a little while to review, select, crop, adjust brightness, upload to Flickr, then insert into the post. I’m going to to do it in pieces this time, and hopefully it will work better.

The first thing I HAD to post was from our show and tell. We have two Pats, my mom’s sister and a friend of Becky’s (who is my mom’s sister Pat’s daughter’s husband’s mom – ha! follow THAT!). Pat 2 is crazy. Good crazy – she’s our court jester. She keeps us all laughing and happy, and some days we really need that.

Meet Pat 2:


Do you think she’ll kill me when she finds out I posted these?

Here’s a photo of the (gorgeous!!) quilt she made:

Pat 2

And here’s the pattern. It’s called Spice Cake, and it’s a Cake Therapy pattern by Cozy Quilt Designs:


And some more of our motley crew:

Jean has been busy lately, but she still managed to make a cushion for Mickey:


Mickey admiring Pat’s very bright, very fun quilt:

Mickey & Pat

Pat with her table topper.

Pat 1 Table Topper

I’ll be back with more… I hope!



  1. Tell Pat2 she’s a hoot! Her baskets came out terrific and I love the brown quilt. Pat1’s table topper is lovely! It looks like you had a great time, how wonderful to be able to spend time with like-minded people sharing the things you love to do.

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is priceless! Love the collective “Ahhh, Ohhh” as she unfurls her brown quilt for Show and Tell. It’s beautiful.

    I’ve been stalking (and enjoyed reading) your blog for a while…. Wishing, wishing my family lived close enough to one another to meet up like your family and friends do.

  3. Tell Pat2 that I like the colors she chose for her quilt WAY better than the ones in the pattern! -so warm and cozy!
    Have a great quilting day!

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