I did it…

… I purchased the EQ7 upgrade. I thought about this for a while – it isn’t cheap, I already have and am very happy with EQ6, and I don’t need to spend any more money right now. However, the upgrade is available for just $58 until the end of May, which is a savings of more than $30 on the upgrade. (The sale price for a the full version is $142, saving $48 over the full price.) It will never be on sale for less, and it has some features that EQ6 is lacking that really frustrate me. (For example, in EQ7 I will be able to draw my own grid for a quilt layout. This is HUGE! Also, the Eyedropper will “suck up” color from a photo and find fabrics to match it in your sketchbook. I really love this feature.)

It won’t ship until June, but I’m already counting the days!



  1. Sandi, I got to beta test EQ7 – you won’t regret it? It has all the nice things EQ6 has (the transition will be easy) and then some bells and whistles like you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t imagine how they could improve any more, but they have. Especially great for working with images, both manipulating, incorporating into quilts and printing. Good luck!

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