Modify Tradition swap mini received

Ohmigosh, I just realized that I forgot to post photos of the wonderful mini I received from Jennifer, who Can Quilt for the Modify Tradition swap!

Modify Tradition Swap received

It’s such a wonderful little quilt, and encompasses everything that Modify Tradition stands for. The very traditional schoolhouse blocks are made from very modern neon pinks and yellows. In fact, when I look at the quilt (it’s on the wall right next to my computer, so I look at it a lot!), it makes me think of highlighters. The yellow almost glows! The turquoise sashing sets the blocks off nicely and the quilting is understated but effective. The binding is absolutely perfect (how does she get those corners?!), and the label is inspired (it’s sewn into the binding – read more at her blog).

MT Swap received label

You know what’s my favorite thing about it, though? The teeny tiny pink square at the center. I don’t know why, but it just makes me smile.

However, BUTTERCUP’s favorite part of the quilt (because I wouldn’t let her sit on it) was the package it came in. She loves boxes, and when I held open the envelope, she tried to crawl in, so I sliced open the bottom and put it over her. She settled in, quite satisfied with herself for being inside a “box.”

Buttercup mail 4

Buttercup mail 3

Buttercup mail 1

Buttercup mail 2



  1. what a silly cat! i once found my sister’s cat in a packing envelope, headfirst, completely limp. i thought he was dead because no matter how much i moved the envelope or poked him, he did not stir! i flipped out. turns out he was just sleeping.

    so happy you love the quilt!

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful quilt! I LOVE the pictures of your cat in the box. I got a good laugh from them.

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