Baker’s Dozen

(Thanks for the title, Nancy!)

How exciting is this? Nancy, Near Philadelphia has been making my basket blocks, and after mastering Block 12, she decided to create her OWN basket block pattern. She made the first block and promptly sent a picture of it to me so I could ooh and aah over… would it be my grandbaby? Well, it’s as close as I’m probably ever going to get, so sure, we’ll call it that. She came up with the fantastic idea of making a basket within a basket. Isn’t that clever? She also very kindly gave me permission to write up the instructions and share it with you. So here, in honor of Nancy, Near Philadelphia, is Nancy’s Basket – “Sisterly Love.”

Block 13

Click on the block to download the PDF, and it has been added to the basket patterns in the columns at the right. You’ll notice it’s in a completely different colorway from the other blocks. That’s because I did it in the colors that Nancy is using – caramel and indigo. Click on over to her blog to see her beautiful basket blocks!

Way to go, Nancy!



  1. I’m part of Nancy, Near Philadelphia’s swap group for the indigo and caramel baskets, and very happily making more blocks from your basket patterns because…well, you know what Nancy says about basket blocks.

    Thank you so much for your hard work creating these patterns and sharing them with us!

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