Pay attention!

This has absolutely nothing to do with quilting, I just think it’s interesting. I first saw it three or four years ago.

What were your results? (For the record, I was wrong the first time I saw it.)


  1. LOL.. That was awesome. I managed to count 15, AND see the gorilla. However, I looked at it the way I would one of those mosaic pictures from which a 3-D image is supposed to appear, since I was trying to track the movements of three individuals.

    • About half of the people who watch this video don’t see the gorilla because they’re so focused on seeing what they expect to see – in this case, people with white shirts passing a ball. It’s called inattentional blindness. There’s a second gorilla video that has other changes happening, and even people who have seen the gorilla video and are aware that there are other changes still miss those other changes.

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