Christmas Cactus

Apparently, October is a trigger for me to think about Christmas… or at least my Christmas Cactus quilt. Remember this?

Christmas Cactus

My first post about the quilt was on October 3, 2008.

I started cutting fabric on September 27, 2009 (yes, nearly a year later) and then made some serious sewing progress by my post on October 26, 2009. Mom started – and finished – her large version of it within the next two weeks or so. Mine languished.

I picked it up here and there, sewed together a couple of sets, put it down, and basically accomplished not very much. At our Stitch & Bitch on Saturday, I had nothing to show and nothing planned to sew. I grabbed the plastic shoe box of Christmas Cactus blocks, and finished off the last six sets of four. Yes – ALL 100 nine patch blocks are finished! Better yet, they’re all sewn into rows, half of the rows are sewn into quarters, and I only have to get two more quarters assembled – five rows of five blocks each – and it will be ready for borders.

Christmas Cactus in progress

I think I might actually get this done in time for Christmas 2010.

Any bets?



  1. Omigosh Sandi! You’re almost done!!! Of course you can get it done by Christmas!! Besides, you have to. We have a double wedding ring quilt and a Dear Jane quilt to start right after 😀

  2. Ack! A double wedding ring AND a Dear Jane, in the works at the same time. Remind me again – were we drinking the vodka & water fabric spray?!!

  3. Oh yes, I remember this very well! Would love to see you finish, it’s gorgeous! (Would also love for you to share the pattern, but no pressure…)

  4. What a lovely quilt. How could you bear to let it languish in the UFO pile? I am sew upset to hear you left it lying around that long, but sew excited that you’re making such quick progress. And yes – you need to get to work on it and finish it in time for Christmas this year. And I’m with Sally up above – I’d love for you to share the pattern. No pressure here either.

  5. Yea!! It’s really coming together. I can’t wait to see it completed!!! I. Must. Do. One. Too!!!!

  6. I have been looking for this pattern! Where can I find it at? I LOVE IT ! I hope someone can help me. Christmas will be here soon! Thank you.

    • This is my original design and I haven’t written the pattern yet. Hmmm… guess I’d better get on that!

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