Quilty goodness… and blog envy

Last night I clicked my Google Reader Next button* and a post came up that made my jaw drop and my quilty bloggery heart turn bright shining green with envy. Why didn’t I think of this?! I mean, my Quilting Resources page is pretty darn fantastic, but this… this is genius. Cluck Cluck Sew has put together a Free Quilting Tutorials page where other bloggers can post links to their free tutorials. It’s gorgeous because it shows little photos of the projects, so you know what you’re getting.

If you have a free tutorial you’d like to add, just scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Click Here to Enter.” It walks you through the steps, and you get to choose the photo you’d like to use. She posted this yesterday and there are already 81 tutorials linked to it!

*The Google Reader Next button goes in your toolbar, and when you click it it takes you to the next blog in your Reader. It marks the blog as read, but you get to view it at the actual site instead of in the Reader window. If you use Google Reader, just make sure you’re signed in, then go to your settings (http://www.google.com/reader/settings). Click on the Goodies tab, then scroll halfway down to “Put Reader in a Bookmark.” Click the Next button and drag it to your toolbar. That’s it! If you use categories to sort your subscriptions, you can create Next buttons for individual categories, too.


2 thoughts on “Quilty goodness… and blog envy

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