WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I (finally) discovered the Work in Progress Wednesday hosted by Freshly Pieced. I really like this idea – let’s feature the progress instead of just the finishes. Here’s my WIP Wednesday project:

Diamonds Really

Um, well, that doesn’t really give you a good idea of it, does it? You see I have cats, cats who like to play chase, cats who think fabric on the floor is there for their enjoyment. I need to sew these blocks together but I probably won’t get to them until tomorrow.

Here’s a much better view:

Diamonds Project

This is entirely from stash – I had a Hunky Dory honey bun laying around (Honey Buns are 1 1/2″ strips from Moda, but they’re not making them anymore), and I found three yards of the yellow solid in my stash. I wanted to sew and nothing that was already in progress was tripping my trigger, so I started this instead. I’ve been working on it for about 2 weeks.

Buttercup helped a lot.

Buttercup Curly Worm

Buttercup Helping Again

At least here she’s out of the way. Too many times I had to stop sewing and pick her up because she didn’t want to be on the pillow I have set up for her. No, she wanted to lay on the cutting mat next to my sewing machine. This project requires constant ironing and trimming, so that was a problem.

Honey Bun Project

And in case anyone’s interested, here’s how the basement looks when we have the Stitch & Bitch.

S&B Setup 1

S&B Setup 2

The finished part is L shaped – actually, J shaped because the wall extends a little ways into the back section. We manage to fit 11 people with sewing machines, three cutting areas, and two ironing areas into this! Okay, so one iron is set up in the back room, but still…

The fabrics you see on the table are from Connecting Threads. I purchased a 10″ square stack of their solids and then laid them all out in the order they are shown in the catalog so I knew which ones I needed to order for the Dear Jane project (I think I can, I think I can).

Connecting Thread Solids

I’ve since received a charm pack of the same fabrics that I will write the item numbers and names on for reference. The fabrics lean toward brights, but I really like the lighter weight and smooth feel of them.


13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Yeah add me to the list of those envious of your gorgeous sewing space.

    Love your diamonds quilt, and this is the second time in as many days that I’ve read about Connecting Threads fabric. Maybe this is a sign that I need to check it out!

    Happy WIP Wednesday!

  2. Great Idea! Love, love those diamonds…..perhaps our next sew along???

    Have cut all my red/black/grey/white squares for the CCactus…now doing the HST”s and soon will get those blocks put together…Thank you again Sandi…

  3. I love the diamonds!! The quilt looks great! Good idea with the cutting mats to keep the cats away! Mine seem to love to help out when I am trying to put the top, batting, and backing together 🙂

    Happy WiP Wednesday!

  4. Would you share you pattern for making the diamonds with the honey bun? I just picked up 4 and have been looking for ideas of what to do this them and this is simply beautiful.

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