Just a few more color palettes

I promise these will stop before too long. I have a tendency to get caught up in something, obsess, work frantically for several hours, and then walk away from it entirely. Until then, here are a few more.





Eeuuw (aka Polyphemus Caterpillar)


Squinched Morning Glory

Squinched Morning Glory

Terracotta Feet

Terracotta feet


8 thoughts on “Just a few more color palettes

  1. Well, hell, I had this conversation with a quilting buddy of mine in Australia (love Skype) a couple weeks ago and if I could have said it as well as you, I’d have posted it long ago, too! HERE, HERE!

    That’s part of the reason I am hosting a quilt along (just started) on paper-piecing. One block. easy enough for beginners. Many color and layout options to challenge those a little more familiar with paper-piecing. And by challenge, I mean just get them thinking about what they want to do instead of thinking to use my canned design out of EQ6!

    I didn’t realize Grey Cats was hosting a quilt along or I would have waited and joined hers. Hmm, wonder if I can manage to participate and do my own?

    Anyway, thanks for this post! I’m going to be linking to it to say “what she said”. 🙂

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