Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day

Today is Sew, Mama, Sew’s Giveaway Day, so be sure to stop by their blog and see the list of bloggers hosting giveaways.

My giveaway is a little unusual and there’s a story behind it. I’m giving away a UFO and coordinating fabric for a baby quilt. The fabric is Oh Baby! by Sandy Gervais for Moda, and there are two yards plus another 12″ width of fabric of the green print, 32″ of the cream print, and one yard of the purple print. There are 25 half square triangles that need to be pressed and trimmed. The rest of the quilt is almost finished – a center “thistle” block, four corner blocks, and four pieced flying geese side sections. You just need to add a strip of fabric on each side (I planned on using the cream print) and you’d have a small square baby quilt. I was also going to add a row of half square triangles at the top and bottom, but you’d need to make a few more HSTs if you want to do that. This is not from a pattern – I think I found the center block somewhere, then designed the rest of the quilt around it. I’ll send the EQ illustration with it so you have a “map” of the finished quilt.

Baby Thistle Quilt

Now for the story…

I started this quilt several years ago. Actually, this is the first of two similar quilts I was making for my boss and his wife. They were expecting twins, she was Scottish, and I thought a thistle theme was appropriate. I was late finishing it, as usual, and he fired me before I gave them the quilts. Yeah. Wasn’t really gonna give them the gift after that, you know?

Baby Thistle Quilt Fabrics

I set the project aside for a while, then got the news that my cousin was pregnant with twins. How fortuitous! I pulled out the project and worked on it a little more, nearly finishing the first quilt. Sadly, my cousin delivered the twins extremely early, and the boys only lived a couple of days. Again, the project was packed away. (For those who are wondering, my cousin and her husband just celebrated the baptism of a new baby girl!)

Baby Thistle Quilt

The project has such negative memories for me that I don’t anticipate ever completing it, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to give it to anyone. Not everyone has the same history with it that I do, though, and I hope that someone would like to finish it and give it a happy memory.

Thistle Baby Quilt

If you’d like to win this giveaway please leave a comment on this post telling me a happy baby story. I’ll chose the winner through random drawing, so if you don’t have a story, tell me what you’d do with it if you won, or just say “I’d love to give this quilt a happy memory.” The giveaway ends on May 25 and is open to international readers. I won’t ask you to jump through any hoops – just one entry per person. I’ll ship to the winner by May 30.

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  1. It is beautiful and I love the colors! My happy baby story involves crocheting umpteenbazillion three inch squares to make a baby quilt when I heard my sister in law was pregnant with their first child…picking it up again when a year or so later she was pregnant again with their second child…and again about another year later(finishing it days before she arrived) when I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter.

  2. My daughter had a tough pregnancy, so sick she couldn’t keep water down! She lost about twenty kilograms (44 pounds) while pregnant! Her waters broke (two weeks early) at 9:20am. Her husband rang the hospital: “dont hurry, shower, take your time, come in about three hours”. They arrived at the hospital – no bed. DD was fully dilated so a bed was quickly found in a room where the builders had not yet finished (no wall linings, etc)! GS#1 was born at 12:23pm on his great grandmother’s 76th birthday!

    Sadly, her husband, GS#1’s great grandfather, died last month – he had been Commissioner of a Scottish clan for at least the last twenty years so a thistle quilt would be a great memory in our family.

  3. What a gorgeous quilt. I don’t have any baby stories, but our family did get a new baby this past month and we are all tickled to have him with us. He is a sweetie and veyr well loved.

  4. Love the colors and the pattern, just gorgeous! Sorry it has so many bad memories for you! My happy baby story is that I have 2 gorgeous kids who are no longer babies so no dirty nappies or bottles to wash, but at 10 and 12 they are not too old to give their mum hugs and kisses in front of their friends šŸ™‚ If I was lucky enough to win I would finish them off and give them to a local place that cares for young women who are pregnant and are homeless, what better way to give some happiness!

  5. I just wanted to say that I understand the decision to give away the quilt top in the hopes of getting rid of the baggage. Without going into some of my friends’ dirty laundry and leaving it for google to index, it took me years to attempt my first quilt because the fabric had such sad memories associated with it. I realized I could never keep the finished quilt because I would always think of Those Times[tm] … so I made the decision to give the quilt away as soon as it was finished.

    It went to a co-worker who, over the years, has become a trusted friend. I smile a little at the quilt’s sordid past, but more importantly now: it’s my friend’s wedding quilt, and it has been loved and cherished and used all the time.

    To be honest, I don’t really have a need for the quilt top, so please skip me if mine is the number that comes up. I just read the post, understood firsthand why you made this decision, and wanted to applaud it.

    Somewhere out there is the real recipient, and she will be delighted when this quilt finds her.

  6. I have the perfect little girl to give this too. She needs a quilt to carry around the house, have picnics on, build small castles with.

    I’ve been promising to make one for her for over a year and haven’t gotten to it yet.

  7. I love those colors… my happy baby story may be in the making šŸ™‚ (but otherwise, the perfect-sister-in-law is expecting a girl soon, first in the family, and everyone’s so very happy!)

  8. This would be perfect as we heard yesterday that my husband’s daughter is expecting her first baby so this would be our first grandchild – we’re so excited!

  9. All my baby stories are happy ones; I had three babies of my own and now have four grandbabies who are all-too-quickly morphing into PEOPLE. I’ve recently learned of a need for quilts for babies and children who are being served by our local hospice unit. If I win this quilt, I will finish it and give it to the hospice; it would be lovely for a toddler girl, I think.

  10. Beautiful quilt! As for baby stories, when my sister was born, my mom said I stood at the door of the hospital with my grandmother and asked everyone who came in if they were coming to see my new baby!

  11. If I won this quilt kit, I would complete and give it to some child who was impacted by the tornado that badly damaged north Minneapolis. This is a poor neighborhood so the storm was doubly devestating to those people.

  12. Very pretty! I’m a teacher so I’m looking forward to getting some sewing done once July rolls around. As for happy baby stories – my nephew has been pulling up and crawling like a fiend for six months now, and just this weekend decided to walk on his own. I can’t stop watching the video on facebook!

  13. My friend Michelle has been a nanny for many years and a lot of us Mommies have depended on her to help out with our kiddos. She has always had the dream of being a Mommy herself. My daughter and I attended her Scottish wedding several years ago and now, joyfully, she is pregnant with her own. I would love to make this for her and her addition!

  14. Your wanting to give this beautiful quilt away makes sense because of the sad events associated with it. I can’t think of a story, but I would be happy to finish the quilt and gift it to JPS Childrens Hospital through my guild.

  15. Your stories touch my heart and I could see why you would want to give this beautiful quilt to someone. I really would love to finish it up! Thanks!

  16. This poor quilt has quite a history. I would love to try and finish it (I’m a brand new quilter, and this would be a good start :-)! I’d give it a good home šŸ™‚ Thank you for the opportunity!

  17. I have two very happy little children after a miscarriage. one boy and one girl – cannot ask for more – they are cute, happy and lovely little kids

  18. It is such a beautiful quilt that deserves to have a happy ending! I would finish it for our future grandbabies! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Happy Baby Story… My husband and I delivered our son unassisted on our bathroom floor unexpectedly at 3.45am while our daughter was asleep. I had to turn and step over my umbilical cord to hold my fresh baby while my husband unlocked the door to let the ambos in… hehe pretty happy indeed!!

    xo Steph

  20. I just had a little girl in January and I would finish it for her. We hadn’t had much luck having children, so I was elated to have her. My favorite color is purple, so I’d love to work on it.

  21. I love this quilt! Happy baby story- I have 3! I am the lucky mother to three beautiful children-ages 8,6 and 3!

  22. The colours are gorgeous. I try to make quilts for all of my coworker who have babies. Currently, we have one girl who is due in October, and I haven’t started yet, so this would be a lovely prize. This coworker had tried for years to get pregnant, and had to have fertility treatments before she did conceive. So, she is over the moon happy and we are all delighted for her.

  23. I’d love to give this quilt a “happy memory”. Our young pharmacist and his wife are expecting their first baby (boy) in mid-June. He is a special, special young man. My husband has terminal cancer and can’t drive because of high doses of morphine. I fell & broke my right arm & left thumb (along with a concussion) in February and he made a 35 mile roundtrip to deliver our meds to us. He works for Walgreens and y’all know he certainly did not have to do that. He’s even given us his cell # in case we ever might need something during the night. This is a much-anticipated baby and I know he’ll be well loved.

  24. Oh, I would give this quilt such beautiful memories. I have never made a real quilt – just “blankets” for my kids – all wonky. I’ve been wanting, dying for a quilt for myself. It would be so lovely if I could win it.

  25. We live an hour away from the hospital where we planned to have our younger daughter. She was born last August, in the back of our minivan, in the parking lot of the IHOP, ten minutes from the hospital. Not the birth we had planned, but it turned out well. Right now, she is crawling across the floor trying to catch the cat.

  26. Memories are powerful things, aren’t they? I’m through ‘having’ grandchildren but I’ve recently become involved with my community’s need for comfort to displaced or ill children. There’s no doubt the quilt will make many people happy!

  27. I would love to give this quilt a happy story. Last Sunday, my husband and I did the photography at the most happy and joyfilled wedding we have ever done (we are professional photographers). Yesterday, the bride and groom came over to look at the proofs, and saw my quilts waiting next to the frame to be quilted. They both expressed interest in having me make a quilt for their baby girl who is due in September. I would love to win this one to finish for them as a gift in recognition of their great love for each other and this little baby girl. Purple and green just happen to be the brides favorite color combination. It would be perfect, and I love other people’s UFOs.

  28. My happy baby story is that I’m surrounded by them! Though I don’t have any of my own yet a ton of my close friends have been having babies recently and I just love going to visit them and seeing their beautiful little faces! If I won the giveaway I might gift the quilt to one of the new babies, or I might just save it for the day when I have my own sweet baby!

  29. We are family with six Scottish kids! We’d love to give your quilt a happy new home w/ lots of Celtic love!

  30. Those are beautiful colors. Don’t put me in the draw, since I know I wouldn’t have time to finish it. I just wanted to say I’m sorry the quilt has sad memories, and I’m touched you have found a way to turn it into something happy for someone else.

  31. That is going to be a beautiful quilt, and I’m sorry you’ve got such memories to go with it.

    My happy baby story: My Zoe was born on the summer solstice–June 21st, a Thursday–and it was a long day for Mike and me, Mike most especially. He had gotten up at 6 on Wednesday to work out, then he went to work, and when he got home he spent an hour before supper pulling carpet out of the family room (of course we were finishing some home renovations, heh). The only downtime he got was just after supper, and then my water broke at 10:00 pm. We spent the night in the hospital–my labor got going about 1:00 in the morning–and Zoe was born, perfect and perfectly angry, at 9:00.

    Mike ended up going back home, and making phone calls, and generally running around all day, so he didn’t get to sleep until Thursday night. The carpet got installed on Friday, while we were still in the hospital.

    To top it all off, we couldn’t get into the house on Saturday when we tried to bring Zoe home–we’d left our keys with a friend who’d come to let the carpet installers in, and she had locked door leading from the garage into the house, which we never do, so we had to wait until she could come over to let us into our own house! šŸ™‚

  32. Those twin boys will be angles around this blanket because of your love and your heart that was put into it. I’m so blessed to have three babies and so many happy babies memories as they are now 8-6-5 – but still and always will be my little babies.

  33. Since I had my son, I’ve been having some strange feelings about some women. I’d come up to them (online and in person) and tell them that they’re pregnant. Most of these women have fertility issues and have been REALLY trying to get pregnant. And so far 100% of these women WERE pregnant. They all just shy of 4 weeks. The most recent lady has been trying to have a baby for 6 years. She and her husband are having a boy and I’d finish this off and give this to her for her son. šŸ™‚

  34. I am always having more friends having more babies. Not sure which lucky person would get the completed quilt – I’d have to thing about that one.

    Happy baby story – we had 5 kids, 4 boys, one girl, and had given up on the idea of getting another girl. We decided that my husband should go back to school for his PhD, and that we would make our decision to have no more children permanent. That’s when I found out we were expecting. We continued our preparations to move. After 6 difficult months in a new town with all new faces, 2,000 miles away from what we had called home, we welcomed our second little girl. She is now 2 and quite the fireball. She was not planned, but definitely wanted.

  35. Well, right before I was born, my mother started bleeding internally. They almost lost both of us and had to do an emergency c-section. By the grace of God, we both survived.

  36. Oh that’s so very sad… šŸ˜¦ The quit is beautiful though! I would love to give it a new home, I know my girls would cherish it!

  37. Ok just realized I posted on the wrong post šŸ™‚

    I’m a new follower through RSS feed, glad I found you! I’m expecting a baby in two months so I will give this quilt a happy memory!!!

  38. I would love the quilt. I’d like to give it a home with my niece who has had difficulty getting pregnant. She’s finally pregnant and due September 23rd which happens to be my husbands birthdate as well. Afer all her disappointments I’d like to bless here with this beautiful quilt. Thank you.
    And wondering did your cousin have more babes?

  39. P.S. I don’t have more than one husband. I meant to say ‘husband’s birthdate as well’. And I would like to bless ‘HER’. Oh lord, it’s a good thing I don’t type for a living…oh wait…I do! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  40. OMGoodness! A happy baby story: hmm. My brother was born without a soft spot and had to have surgery when he was quite a small infant. He survived and has been such a great brother and joy to my parents!!!
    I love the UFO!!! Would be happy to complete and give it a good home!

    thanks also for a chance to win!

  41. I think that these beautiful pieces deserve to be finished. You have done all this lovely work and I can understand why you might not want to finish it but someone should. I think it might make a lovely table center piece- I love the colors and the fabric.
    I hope who ever wins it makes happy memories with it.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  42. I’d rescue that UFO and give it a happy memory… many people take pregnancy for granted, but sometimes is so hard! After 2 years, my baby girl was born and we are just made up now! I wish all parents-to-be wouldn’t have to go through hard roads sometimes. thanks for the chance!

  43. Wow, what sad stories. I would love to finish this quilt and give it a happy memory. I would donate it to one of my guild’s charities that makes quilts for hospitalized children with long-term (and often terminal) illnesses.

  44. We are always having new babies at work. I could complete it for one of them. Thanks for the chance

  45. Oh yeah I wouldn’t finish that quilt either. I have one project that someone else didn’t finish and gave to me and I will finish it for charity. If I win this one – probably the same. Thank you for participating in the SMS Giveaway Day.

  46. Beautiful quilt. My nieces are all starting their families right now and we have 4 beautiful miracles who have just turned a year or not quit there yet. By the time I finished this those babies would probably be too big for it, but might have little brothers or sisters on the way. It is a gorgeous quilt, but I certainly understand your having no desire to finish it.

  47. This would make a wonderful quilt to send with the bunch going to Romania in the Hands2Help project. A little one would certainly give it many hugs and love.

  48. Sorry for your losses. Yuk.

    I have never quilted before, although I sew plenty. this would be a good place to start, and I am sure I can find a baby to give it too!


  49. We can all understand the bad memories associated with this quilt. We all have friends/family that can benefit from this quilt. As the others have said, I’d love to win this beauty from you, complete it, and find it a deserving home. It’s beautiful.

  50. I am so sorry for your cousin but I do have a happy baby story to share.
    My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their 2nd baby in October. While I have dabbled in quilting for years I am not very good. My daughter’s mother-in-law, however, is an extraordinary quilter (she has ribbons to prove it). While I am busy knitting booties and crocheting blankets I suspect she is preparing a quilt for our new (fingers crossed) grand-daughter. A quilt would be a great way to strengthen the bond she has with her mother-in-law. Guess that’s not much of a baby story….more of a family story. šŸ™‚

  51. Not so much happy as funny. We had taught our dog not to lick or bother our son, and she would go up and sniff him, but other than that leave him alone. One day when he was about 6 months old he was sitting in his exersaucer playing away. The dog came up and sniffed him and he stuck his tongue out and licked the dog’s nose. I was mortified, the dog was terrified, and he was thrilled!

  52. I dont know if I have a happy baby story, but I have two friends that just had babies and three more of my friends are pregnant, including my boyfriend’s sister! It would be great to give this quilt a happy home. Thank you.

  53. Oh my, those are some sad stories!

    I have what I hope will be a happy story. After years and years of trying, dear friends of mine had an appointment to begin IVF at the beginning of this month… but they had to cancel because, surprise, they’re pregnant. She’s only 14 weeks so I don’t want to jinx her, but it’s the very happy beginning of what I hope will be a VERY happy story!

  54. I love making quilts for the “Linus Project”. I’m sure they would love a beautiful baby quilt to give to a fortunate child. I really like finishing quilts to give to the project.

  55. What a beautiful quilt. So sorry for your loss. My happy baby story is this… niece was born premature and only weighed 1 lb 15 oz. at birth. She is now 16 years old and has no effects whatsover from her early birth. I would love to win this quilt to finish.

  56. I would give this quilt (if i won) to my mom, she is the quilter and she would probably give it to one of her many grand kids.. very pretty colors..thank you.
    suezneal at gmail dot com

  57. My niece had a miscarriage a couple of years ago. She really wanted to have another baby. Well happily she is expecting a baby the first of August. A sweet little girl. Great giveaway! Thanks for participating in SMS Giveaway.

  58. A happy baby story. The happy part of my story is that both my baby and I survived child birth. We were told when I was 4 months pregnant that I might not survive. At 36 weeks, we learned that my baby was breach and we almost lost her during an attempted version (when they try to turn a breach baby to be head down), her heart rate dropped and it took several hours for it to go back up. Needless to say, we opted for a c-section and both made it through with flying colors. That is my happy baby story, we are both here. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  59. Well, I don’t have a new baby story but when my friend was finally able to carry a baby to term, I was chosen as godmother. We were so excited to learn she was having a girl and waited in anticipation when out popped my GODSON! Yup! Cole was a surprise and a pleasant one..he will be 21 this year!

  60. I would love to give your quilt a new home; it is stunning and I would love to have it as a wall hanging. A happy baby story: My friend, Lori, and her husband are Christian and therefore pro-life. After they had their own children, they decided to be a surrogate for a childless couple. Gaby was born at 26 weeks and 5 days- too early to anticipate a good outcome. Miraculously, Gaby thrived and was actually discharged before her due date. She is healthy and her parents are ecstatic to have a baby after years of trying:) I am very happy for them all:)

    Thanks for hosting:)

  61. Great giveaway!
    Happy baby story?? Well with my first baby, he was in distress and i had to have an emergency c/s. he was in NICU for 3 days only, completely bounced back into a healthy baby. He was my miracle baby!

  62. Let’s change history or at least turn it around. It would make a perfect shelter quilt.

  63. i don’t have a baby story but Our Quilt Guild which we started is called The Thistle Quilt Guild and I would love to finish this for our quilt show next year.. thank you for the chance..lindacrosby(at)hotmail(dot)com

  64. I’m a single mom and my baby girl makes me smile every time I think of her, despite some hard times we’ve gone through.

  65. This is a really pretty quilt. i would love to finish this and give it to my niece who will be haveing a baby in Aug.



  66. My step daughter had lost 3 babies, just couldn’t seem to carry them to term.. she again was expecting and it was so stressful with her husband being overseas… I decided to help in any way to keep her stress free, we sent her to her sister’s for a month and when she returned the storage room was now a Noah Ark Nursery, I went through all the classes with her and was there when she delivered her daughter and yes I cried, I was so overwhelmed with joy that day… she has since delivered another child a little boy… Her sister has a grown step daughter and my grand daughter is now expecting her first child… I love the house full of little ones giggling and running the halls…such a blessing…

  67. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    Lovely… I hope I am the lucky one..
    I loves the baby quilt ^^
    I am looking forward for my first baby daughter this august.. I hope this will be a little gift for her..

  68. Oooh, someone else’s UFO?! Are you kidding me? I have enough of my own! lol, I would love to win this. THe colors are so sweet. I would finish this and practice my FMQ on it and cuddle up and dream of having my own baby to wrap this quilt in. My husband and I would love to have two baby girls. I would give this quilt lots of happy memories.

    THanks for the giveaway, I hope you’re having a fun time hopping!

  69. That’s a rough start for a quilt. I’d like help it have a happy ending, I was thinking the best way to do that would be finish it and then donate it to one of the families affected by the tornadoes in my area. I live in northern Mississippi.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  70. Hi! I would love to finish this quilt and give it to my first greatgrandchild who will be born in the U.S. ( my Grandson married an American girl and they live in California) Both my parents were born in Scotland, and came to Australia as children. my daughters and grandchildren are quite proud of their Scottish roots, and it would be lovely to pass this quilt on to the next generation. Thanks for the chance to win. Sandy. šŸ™‚

  71. My happy baby story is my son’s. He was born 3 months prematurely. He was 2 pounds, and is now 6 years old. He is my everything and I love him so very much.

  72. My happy baby story is that even though I was on modified bed rest for almost 2 months, my twin boys were born at 38 weeks. I would love to finish your ufo quilt and have it be the first quilt I make – I’m just getting into quilting & only have my first quilt cut out and haven’t had time to sew it together yet.

  73. This is a lovely quilt design but I can understand your decision to part with it. If I won, I would finish it and give it to some friends who are expecting a baby in August. All the best. xx

  74. So sorry to hear your story about the twins. I have a precious granddaughter, Grace, that we waited for, for 8 long years!! And now they are expecting their second! Thanks for the giveaway.
    Linda V
    lvtig1 at

  75. I love to hear the backstory of you UFO. I am currently trying to make my future granddaughter a scrapy quilt from fabric I collected while her momma and aunt were children. This is fabric I used to make their dresses and play clothes. This will be my one and only granddaughter so I am hoping I do it right. Thank you for offering your UFO to someone who will cherish it.

  76. Beautiful quilt! I have a few friends schedule to pop this summer and the first with a cute little girl would get it! ā¤

    What a great giveaway!! Thank you for the chance!



  77. I have lots of babies coming up in the family that could make this a happy baby quilt:) Thanks for the chance! thurbs8(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  78. I hope it gets some very happy memories somewhere!
    And, much relieved to hear your cousin’s good news!

    RP from BBC {at} gmail {dot} com

  79. I would love the change to give your quilt a happier life. My cousin just had a new baby girl, Isabell Rose. She has a full head of red hair and is the pirture of a Irish baby freckles and all. They have her room decorated in greens and purples so this baby quilt would fit right in. Her big brother could not be more excited about her arrival and has placed himself incharge of her already. When he was born I made him a quilt but simply haven’t had time to make one for his sister. He asked me his sissy’s quilt when I went to visit them so I know you quilt would be getting a home where it would be very loved. I’m happy to hear your cousin fianlly got her happy begining with her new baby girl.

  80. Hmm a happy baby story. The only thing I can think of is that our son was born almost exactly 1 year from our wedding date. It was such a wonderful gift to us and it’s a great thing to celebrate each year with our anniversary.

    We are now trying for baby #2 and I would love to finish this quilt for you and have it join our family as a happy memory.

  81. I’m sorry that you’ve poured so much effort into something that shares unhappy memories with you. I have two girls, each with buckets of happy memories, and I would love the chance to complete this lovely quilt!

  82. You know, I would be willing to take this UFO and finish it so it could be donated to Quilts for Kids or Project Linus. It really is lovely, but I completely understand your desire to just pass it along.

    Happy baby things? Both of my kids are the joy of my life. It’s hard to pin any one happy moment down . . . they are all so worthwhile.

  83. My daughter loves anything soft. SO I make lots of blankets (crochet, knit, & sew) just to woo her, but she will not choose a favorite. She strokes them & sits on them, but she is not particularly attached to any of them. So I keep making more hoping to find the “perfect” one. Pick baby!

  84. I would love to have this quilt and finish it in time to welcome our new baby that we get to welcome later this year. After seven years of thinking it’s impossible to have another child we are thrilled to be expecting again. It’s like having another first since I need absolutely everything because we got rid of all our baby stuff several years ago after it got sprayed by a skunk in storage.

    ajoyfulnoise (at) live (dot) com

  85. I’m so sorry to hear about your bad associations with such a pretty quilt. My happy baby story is from watching a friend’s newborn–my husband and I took the baby and their dog for a walk, to give mom and dad a chance for a nap. I carried baby, my husband walked next to me, and the dog walked on the other side of my husband. The dog (a big greyhound) kept trying to push my husband away from me and we thought we’d have to give up the walk because we couldn’t handle the dog. But once we let the dog walk next to me (and baby) the dog was perfectly happy–she just wanted to be able to lift up her nose once in a while and touch the baby’s feet as we walked. Just to make sure baby hadn’t gone anywhere.

  86. I LOVE finishing off projects. What fun to actually finish of one that I hadn’t been looking at and wishing away! Your work is gorgeous, love the pattern and colour selection. Also likes that it comes with it’s own story!

  87. Happy baby story – my second made his appearance only a few short minutes after I’d realized I was in labour! My wonderful mother-in-law was the one to catch him.

  88. I would love to give this quilt many happy Memories. As the mom to two special girls, I have a feeling we could pack a whole lotta love into that quilt’s life. And my special memory is when my daughter said her first word (the younger of the two) She said Mama. It’s really special to me because it took my older daughter a year and a half to call me mom.

  89. This is a lovely little quilt, I love thistles and the colors are beautiful. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to finish this one.


  90. Hello,
    I love the quilt.

    Here is my story. I already had two little boys, but I was missing having a little girl. Their father didn’t want any more children. Well there was a surprise pregnancy and it was my little girl. I couldn’t have been happier.

  91. What a great use of a UFO!!! I made quilts for all my babies, but would actually give this one to my mom to finish off for the quilt auction done by a local charity for children in foster care.


  92. My happy baby story: My daughter lives 500 miles away and since we don’t see each other a lot, we often do video chats online. My newest grandbaby, 1, and I ‘chat’. Whatever I say starts him laughing, and then we just laugh and laugh. It’s so sweet. i LOVE computers.

  93. your story is touching and i appreciate your sentiment. i lost one and had to part with a lovely necklace i wore at that time in my life, just did not want the connection staying with me. i would love to cleanse and renew the meaning of this quilt. beautiful . x

  94. I’m not a religious person but may GOd Bless You! I love that you want to share this quilt that you were makng with love to someone who can add even more love to it and then give it to someone else, who will love it! I am a mommy to 2 boys…a 2 1/2 yr old and a 1 year old! My sister in law is due in Sept. with the family’s 1st girl! I cannot decide on a baby quilt for her, but I think you just helped me make up my mind! Thank you for your openness and generosity!

  95. I would just love to finish the quilt, although I will admit I have no quilting experience quilting so actually it might be a good place for me to start. My daughter is planning to start her family soon, so I will need to come up with something. This would be awsome.

  96. I’m not a quilter, but I like the idea of having an almost finished one to tackle as one of my first. And I do hope that wherever this project lands, that it will bring happiness. Thanks!

  97. My happy baby story is that I was told my husband and I would not carry a baby to full term, that our firstborn was ‘a fluke’…and now I am the happily dizzy mom of 4 wonderful baby stories!!!
    Nay you send off this quilt to become part of someone else’s happy baby story and may you make a totally different quilt with lots of happy memories attached to it!

  98. Oh I’d love to give this quilt a happy memory.
    bimbi9 at verizon dot net

  99. I’d like to finish the quilt and give it to a children’s charity, that way I could have the joy of working on it and it could make a child happy too.

  100. What lovely colours šŸ™‚ I am actually hoping my own happy baby story will begin very soon!

  101. What a great give away.
    I have projects too which have become so negative I cannot complete them.
    I would make this quilt and give it to my mother -in-law. She has really fond memories of scotland. Honeymooned there and has been back several times since….from Australia. It’s her happy place.
    This month marks her remarkable recovery from a brain lymphoma. We were sure we had lost her, 2 years ago, bit here she is fighting fit…and enjoying her 10 grandchildren and thankful for every day.
    I know it’s not a baby story… but it has a very happy ending.
    Thanks for this chance to win a partly finished quilt.
    I am having a giveaway too. It’s here:

  102. Well, I’m expecting number 4. I have a boy and 2 girls, and my boy was insistent that it would only be fair if we had another boy. Otherwise he would be even more outnumbered — and he was right! At least as far as the doctor tells us. Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. I work as an obstetric nurse, so I see all kinds of births, both happy and sad. As a quilter, I’m proud to say that many of my guild friends make small quilts to give to our families whose babies start out in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). If I win this fabric/UFO, that’s what will become of the finished quilt.

  104. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait impatiently for nine months for either of my babies to be borne. I menstruated every month during my first pregnancy and didn’t notice I was pregnant until the fourth month. And I became pregnant with our second baby one month before my fortieth birthday. This time, I stopped menstruating but I didn’t associate that with pregnancy because of my previous pregnancy and because all women in our family stop menstruating at 40 years old.

  105. I would love to finish this quilt and give it to my daughter. Both my husband and I have strong scottish backgrounds (His dad and my pop where both born their) so this would be lovely for her. She is 9 months old and a beautiful happy healthy little girl who is the light of our lives – getting her wasn’t easy but it was deffinitely worth it.

  106. Awe…sorry that you have unhappy memories associated with this beautiful piece. It would be an honor to complete…since you’ve done all the hard work!

    I remember my babies loving to tear things apart…like tissues…shipping peanuts…etc. That was an easy way to entertain them. I can still remember the messes they created. =)

    Thank you!

  107. Not a happy story yet but hoping it is… we had a miscarriage in December, but are now pregnant again and due in January. I would love to try finishing this for my kid… or if I have a boy then for my sister or sister in law (both of whom are pregnant!). Thanks for the chance!

  108. My happy baby story is that after 14 years of marriage, my husband and I are now parents! Being older parents I like to think we’re a bit more patient and appreciative of every day. Time still goes buy too fast…

  109. What a wonderful quilt…

    My mom had two difficult pregnancies but both my brother and I were preemies but healthy. During my first pregnancy my mom was very nervous due to her pregnancies… unlike her, I didn’t deliver early, but went 2 weeks overdue and delivered a healthy boy… And have since had 2 little girls (both overdue!)

  110. Here’s a happy baby story…my best friend is due in September, her sister (who had been trying for a very long time) is due in October. Sisters pregnant together, so fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. Happy baby story – a friend of mine that has been wanting a baby for years, just had a baby boy. šŸ™‚ I’m so happy for them. I’d love to give your quilt a happy memory.

  112. There are many babies being born in my small town this year (pop 450) and my little quilt group is hoping to make a baby quilt for each of them. This would be a lovely addition to our goal. Thanks for a chance to win.

  113. i think you’d feel something special with finishing that quilt-just saying.
    my happy baby story is that i have a happy baby! the best 40 hours i’ve ever spent was bringing him into the world. cheers.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  114. I would love to finish this unpleasant memory quilt and give it a new life. Thre are a lot of happy baby stories out there and it’s too bad you got hit with a bad one.

  115. What a story! He lost out for sure. My niece is marrying a Scot, so I could finish this and hang onto it for a little while. Thanks for the giveaway.

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