Fabric choices link

Jeanne and I will be adding two more Skill Builder Posts later this week (Diamond in Squares and 60 degree Triangles). I’m writing and sewing and photographing now, in fact. However, I wanted to share a link with you. Chrissy from Snappy Stitches just wrote a phenomenal post about color choices. She purchased a fat quarter bundle of Hullabaloo and felt that it needed something extra. In this post she explains how she divided the bundle into three groups and chose an additional solid to go with each. She includes photos of her evaluations and explains what she likes and what she doesn’t. It’s a great “hands on” example! It also illustrates something that I didn’t mention in the Skill Builder posts – value can be relative. The same fabric may appear dark in one group of fabric, medium in another group, and even light in a third group. It all depends on the fabrics it’s paired with.



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