Charm Pack winners

I tried a new random number generator this time, and the winners are:

Number 14 was LeslieC, who said,

Its a Hoot!, Peas and Carrots, and Faded Memories. Currently juggling several projects, most emphasis on a strip exchange that I’m making into a spools quilt for my studio – design by Edyta Sytar with a few personal tweaks!

Number 16 was Two Hippos, who said,

What great finds! I’m working on a big quilt for my bed and will hopefully baste it in all its largeness tomorrow! Of the charm packs, my favorites are It’s a Hoot, Plume, and Peas & Carrots. Congrats on reaching 2000 comments!

And number 26 was ryan@abigail*ryan, who said:

I hope i’ve been here long enough to be eligible! I love the look of “Plume”, “It’s a hoot” and “Peas and Carrots”. I love the “ugly” green fabric, too…you could get some really cool patterns forming with unusual fussy cutting.

Currently i’m working on a million and one things for abigail*ryan’s new heirloom range- patchwork quilts and cushions…but i’m pretty sure one or two of those will end up having homes at chez a*r 🙂

Winners, I’ll be emailing you for your addresses, and I’ll get the charm packs sent out early next week. Thank you everyone for entering!


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