TYSS: Nine Patch fillers

Ready to sew your first blocks? We’re starting with a very easy block, the Nine Patch. It is a great way to practice accurate cutting, quarter inch seams, and matching seam intersections. You will make four blocks that finish at 3″ square. Remember, “finished” size is the size it will be once it’s sewn into the quilt. The blocks will be 3 1/2″ square when you’re done making them, before putting them in the quilt.

Jeanne and I provided instructions for three different ways to make this block. Read the two posts and decide which method you want to use. I’ll post the cutting information here, but you’ll need to go to the Skill Builder post(s) for the assembly instructions. Regardless which method you choose, I strongly recommend you also read through the Quarter Inch Seam Skill Builder post.

Skill Builder Series: Post 6A – Nine Patch

Skill Builder Series: Post 6B – Nine Patches and Strip Piecing

If you are using the “white and bright” illustration as a fabric placement guideline, this block is pink. Regardless of assembly method, you will make two blocks that have background fabric in the corners and center, and two blocks with block fabric in the corners and center. You may choose to make all four blocks from the same fabric, or make them from several different fabrics.

Option 1 – Strip Piecing

Skill Builder post 6B
Best for all blocks made from the same fabric.
Cut (1) background strip 1 1/2″ wide. Subcut into (3) 10″ pieces (plus leftover)
Cut (1) block fabric strip 1 1/2″ wide. Subcut into (3) 10″ pieces (plus leftover)
Sew strip sets, then subcut into 1 1/2″ segments.

Option 2 – Two Large Squares

Skill Builder post 6A – scroll halfway down
Best for all four blocks from the same fabric, or two different fabrics.
Cut (2) 4 1/2″ squares of background fabric
Cut (2) 4 1/2″ squares of block fabric
Follow post directions. When you measure and cut from the sides, the measurement is 1 1/2″.

Option 3 – Traditional (Individual Squares)

Skill Builder post 6A
Best if all of the blocks are made from different fabrics. Can also do each individual square in a different fabric.
Cut (18) 1 1/2″ squares of background fabric
Cut (18) 1 1/2″ squares of block fabric

Wow, this post is deceptively short! So does referring to the Skill Builder posts make sense for everyone? We put a lot of detail into those posts, and it just doesn’t make sense to repeat it in the sampler posts. Still if anyone has questions, let me know!



  1. So happy that we’re getting started on this wonderful quilt. I am using all solids, so I’m waiting for a fabric delivery. Picking colours continues to be a challenge for me, but I’m working on it! My background is Kona raisin, so some nice bright colours should look good I think.

  2. I just finished my nine patch blocks. I used the two large square method. It worked beautifully. I can already tell that this project will teach me so much. Thank you.

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