Highs and lows

I hurt.

My arms hurt, my neck hurts, my back hurts, my legs hurt, my feet hurt. There is a spot on my backside that hurts. I’m exhausted, and I don’t WANT to be exhausted because there’s something else I want to be doing.

Today I helped my brother move. We disassembled a pool and a fence and it was WORK. For a living, I sit in front of a computer. I am not prepared for this sort of thing. I mean, I got tired just lifting the stupid battery operated drill. It was literally too heavy for me after 30 minutes – my deltoids are not up to snuff.

As for the spot… I sat on a decrepit old picnic table and it broke. A 2×4 piece of wood splintered – well, chunked really. The wood was obviously rotten, but it’s still terribly embarrassing (and painful) to land on your butt. I’m sure there’s a bruise. (Don’t worry – I won’t be sharing photos.)

The thing is, I started out the morning with another moving project and I really wanted to get back to that. See our new toy?


Through the misfortune of someone else, we were able to purchase this awesome quilting frame and long-ish arm machine for less than half the retail price. It’s new, a floor model from a defunct quilt shop in the area. My mom, two aunts and I are now the proud owners of a Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter 18×8 with a 10 foot Imperial frame. (But it lives at my house!) The 18×8 stands for 18″ long and 8″ high throat space.


Or, to put it in perspective:


And darn it, I’m too tired to play with it! But tomorrow after work, you can bet I’m going to take the bull by the horns.




  1. Hello! I just received the same machine, although mine is the Pfaff Grand Quilter. Same machine, same manufacturer, same quality. I am very happy. The Imperial frame is great. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. It takes some time to learn how to run free hand. No wonder they sell so many computerized machines.

  2. Sorry about your aches and pains. Moving my daughter a few months ago was one of those times when I realized how wimpy I had become sitting in front of my PC for a living. My biceps felt stronger for a few days after the aches disappeared, but now they’re back to their usual noodly selves, LOL.

    Have fun with your new toy! She’s a beauty!

  3. Oh yes, very jealous here, too. But then again, I just moved as well, and I don’t anticipate having the sewing room set up until after Christmas, so it’s not like I could play right now anyway.

    Do you have any intention of taking in tops to quilt? I have a monster round robin quilt that would make a GREAT practice piece for you!


  4. Congratulations! Have fun with your new ‘toy’. Just remember that it does take some practice, but in no time, you will be quilting away. Thanks for sharing.

  5. At least you have good help w/ your new purchase! I don’t think I want a lonng arm, but it’s a mute point, since I have nowhere to put it. Enjoy yours!

  6. My goodness, it’s a big one. I think if I had that much space available, I might choose a loom over a long arm machine, but like Valerie it’s all hypothetical because I don’t have that kind of space. Look forward to seeing what you do with this amazing investment.

  7. Oh, how lucky for you, especially getting to keep it at your house. I know you all will have lots of fun, if you can decide who gets to use it first and when.

  8. Oh my gosh – load up on the pain killers and have some FUN!!! How glorious to have THIS toy to look forward to!

    Out of condition – yes, I dug up a small flower bed to plant tulips — took me 2 whole weeks and even had to get to chiropracter along the way. Geeesh, sewing doesn’t use a lot of muscles, nor does sitting!

    Have fun – thanks for the nice visit.

  9. I’m green right down to my toes! But happy for you. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you’ll do!

  10. Oh my gosh! You must be thrilled to get that at such an awesome price. You’re going to have SO much fun…………once you don’t hurt anymore. Reading this I kept thinking, the day after doing that much moving is worse than the day you actually did it so hopefully the next day you were able to play with your new toy.

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