Quilts are everywhere

I really must go to bed (it’s after midnight and I have to work tomorrow), but I wanted to quickly share a couple of versions of an EQ7 quilt I just drew up. I can’t take credit for the design – it’s an exact replica of something a friend is building for work – but it was so quilt-like that I asked him to send the design to me so I could transfer it to EQ7. Here’s the original, in just black and white:

Logo B&W

And here are several colorways:

Logo Color 2

Logo Color 4

Logo Quilt 6

Logo Color 3

Logo Color 5

And my favorite (I’m really into these colors lately!):

Logo Color

Funny where you can find quilt designs, isn’t it?


7 thoughts on “Quilts are everywhere

  1. That is fabulous! It reminds me of mid-century cast concrete walls (or ironwork). Definitely has that retro-modern vibe going on. My favorite colorways are 1, 2, 4, and maybe 5. I would be interested in making this!

  2. Thanks so much for the layout! It sparked my imagination with how to put together an upcoming block-of-the month with nine 12″ blocks. I’ve ‘pinned’ it!

  3. That is gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to do an asterisk quilt for a while now, and this looks like a great layout for one! Maybe a QAL Sandi!! Ha! Yeah, like you don’t have enough on your plate!

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