Bird impression

Coooo…. coooo….
Quack! Quack! Quack!
Screeeech! Hoooot. Screeeech!

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

Okay, seriously, here’s my bird impression:

Bird Impression 1

A morning dove (I think) flew into our patio window yesterday. Mom heard the thump but didn’t see a bird on the stoop, so we’re assuming it managed to fly away. Here’s a closer look at what it left on the window:

Bird Impression 2

You can actually see wings, the beak, and the ruffle of feathers around the bottom. To see these larger, click on the photos and then click on them again in Flickr.



  1. Once we had a real good one on our window. Luckily doves don’t get hurt when they fly against a window unlike smaller birds.

  2. Poor birdie! I hate that sound. the other day WM and I were sitting in the backyard when two birds were chasing a pigeon (dove) which flew into the fence! Then the cat started stalking the dazed bird! Luckily Tom is overweight and a bit slow because the bird flew away before he got anywhere near it (we would have stopped him anyway).

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