Yet another start

I’ve said it before, and things have not miraculously changed: I am a starter. I start projects left and right and my enthusiasm peters out and then I’m left with a pile of blocks or a completed top that just needs to be quilted. I think it’s a personality defect – I am pathologically unable to finish things. Case in point: Ironwork*. The quilt is finished except for hand stitching about 3/4 of the binding down. It has been at this stage for three or four weeks. I took it on the Door County vacation with every intention of working on it, but, well… black binding stitched with black thread is HARD.


Meanwhile the Family & Friends/Stitch & Bitch 2012 block of the month project is well underway and I’ve chosen, illustrated, and colored all twelve blocks with eight different settings and written instructions for the first five blocks. We’re calling it the 2012 Botanicals Block of the Month because all of the blocks have plant names. My mom is making two complete quilts and is completely caught up. Others are within one block of being up to date. Jeanne is working ahead, since I gave her the EQ7 file. Until this weekend, I hadn’t even chosen my fabric.

Saturday I chose my fabric.

Botanical BOM Fabric

And then I started sewing.

Tumbling Briars

And I kept sewing…

Shasta Daisy

And the next day I sewed a little more…


I finished this block, but then I had to go outside.

And when I came in, I saw Ru sleeping on the table. Goofball.

Stretch Ru-strong

How is that comfortable?

Rugen Sleeping



  1. I am endeavouring to be a finisher not a starter at the moment by actually writing a list of all my WIPs and facing up to them before I begin something new. It’s so hard when there’s all that pretty fabric in the world waiting to be sewn though!

  2. I feel your pain, I too suffer from the same incurable condition known as startitis, I thought I had figured out the cure last fall when I came to the realization that if I just stopped starting new projects I might possibly finish one of my many UFO’s. Alas, the treatment is very very difficult and I am still suffering from the same condition…..If you come across a cure, please do share as I would love to know!!!

  3. OMG! Rugen is so cute! I’m not sure how his spine is doing that, but so cute! And I love the blocks. They’re really sharp in your chosen colors.

  4. Love your choice of fabrics. I find it easy to get to the finished quilt top but harder to progress through basting to quilting. However, I quite like binding – even in darker colors.

  5. I love the blocks, and the colors you picked. Your cat is so adorable. ! What a happy kitty! He looks so comfy, and sweet. Thanks for sharing your pictures. 🙂

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