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I mentioned earlier that I had some fun stuff in the works, and this is the first thing I can share:

I’m writing some posts for the new Electric Quilt blog! It’s called “Behind the Mouse,” and my first post went up today. You can see it here: http://doyoueq.com/blog/2012/10/packer-tracker-from-sandi-walton/ I wrote about how EQ7 can be used in conjunction with some of the block books that are so readily available today.

Now, you know I mention EQ7 fairly frequently in my blog, and I wanted to clarify: I am not paid, or even asked, to write about it. I just love the program and share my projects and opinions here. I don’t want to turn into a blog about quilting advertisements. It works for some blogs, and more power to them, but that isn’t me, at least not now. I’d love to make money from my blog, but that would require consistency and I’m a long ways from that! Still, I won’t avoid writing about something commercial if I truly believe in it.

Anyway, with that out there, I’d love it if you checked out my post, and maybe looked around the new Electric Quilt blog and website. They made some substantial changes, and there’s some good stuff for EQ users and non-EQ users alike. And for those EQ users, watch this space… I have a giveaway coming up!


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