Whoops, I did it again

(Thank you, Britney.)

The pillow bug has bitten me. Today I made this pillow:

Blue Diamond Pillow

I am totally in love with the colors, and I like the solid fabrics. This time I used a regular zipper because I didn’t have an invisible zipper in the right color. You can’t really tell in this photo, but the zipper doesn’t match the fabric. Instead, the zipper is a dark aqua, and I think it’s a fun contrast without being too noticeable.

Pillow Zipper

This pillow thing could be a problem.

Blue Diamond Pillow

But in the meantime, I’m linking up – again – with the Pillow Collective at Amy’s Creative Side.



  1. I love the colour combination and the texture created by the quilting. It’s only a problem if you make it one. Says the person that only today removed 3 pillowless pillowcases from the livingroom that had been lying around for months. I keep making pillowcases while I only have 1 pillowform to stuff it with so each time I make a new one I switch it (small couch and boyfriend who doesn’t like pillows, crazy right?).

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