EQ Files: Mickey

Next up in my EQ Project Files sharing is another design created for an aunt and uncle’s anniversary. I don’t have a cute name for this quilt – we just keep calling it Mickey’s quilt, and it seems to have stuck. Mickey is part of our quilting group, and Mom has been hiding this in plain sight every time she comes over. This design has an interesting story. Mickey and my mom’s aunt came to our quilting day a few years ago and she brought a quilt that belonged to their grandmother. It was beautiful – red, white and green solids, very modern looking despite being nearly a hundred years old. Of course I immediately drew it in EQ, but didn’t do anything with it for years. I started playing with it again when mom wanted a design for Mickey’s anniversary, and I came up with this.

Here’s the finished quilt with Mickey & Mom:

Anniversary Quilt for Mickey & Leo by JoAnne & Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Here’s the EQ illustration:

Mickey EQ8 design by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

Here’s the original colorway as my great grandma made it. It’s amazing how it completely changes the look of the quilt.

GrandmaE EQ8 design by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

Electric Quilt Project files are saved in Google Drive.

Mickey EQ8 project file download by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

More about the EQ Files project: I’m a huge fan of Electric Quilt. I’ve made exponentially more virtual quilts than real quilts, and I thought it might be nice to share some of those virtual quilts here.  I’ll also share an EQ project file that you can download. Fair warning – if you don’t have EQ you won’t be able to use these files. I’ll be sharing mostly EQ8 files, so if you have an older version you may want to upgrade. It’s worth it, I promise!

Once in a great while, I might write up instructions for a quilt. If I do that, I may share the instructions here for free. If it’s a particularly complex pattern, I might spend more time writing it up and turn it into a pattern for sale. Don’t hold your breath, though.

As stated many times before, I receive no compensation from Electric Quilt for any of this – I just really love the product. I am (at least I think I still am) an EQ Artist on their Do You EQ website.

You can find all of the EQ Files posts by searching for EQ Files, or just click here.


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