A Call for Help

I haven’t posted in years and I don’t know if anyone is still following, but I’m throwing this out to quilters everywhere. My good friend from Grey Cat Quilts, who did the Skill Builder Series with me, is in desperate need of help.

Grey and their family have been sharing a house with another friend, trying to accumulate enough money to buy their own home. Rent isn’t cheap and this was a way to save as much as possible.

Four days ago, Grey came up from the basement (where they’ve been living) and discovered the house was on fire. No one was hurt and all pets got out safely. They’ve been able to salvage their possessions despite some smoke and water damage. The house can be repaired, though it will take months, and the friends they were living with have insurance, so they’re in good shape.

Grey and their family are in trouble. There is no homeowners insurance to rescue them. They will not be allowed to return to the house because they were living in a basement without egress windows. They have temporary housing that will run out in a few days. Grey has a good job, a work from home job, but no home to work from. Grey and their husband have a 14-year-old special needs child, Zeb, who is an awesome kid – he needs a safe place to live.

Please, if you have a little extra you can spare, would you visit their GoFundMe page and leave a little something? Would you share it with other quilters and friends who might help?



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  1. I am interested in purchasing a pattern for a basket quilt layout you posted quite a few years ago. Can’t find it on your sites anywhere. Hoping it is available. It is a square quilt with yellow border, basket blocks set with red and blue triangles. I can send a picture, just don’t know how to on this post.

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